The Best Thanksgiving Looks for this Fall Season 

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There are many occasions when you may want to look your best. Thanksgiving is one of them. When you and your loved ones are seated around the Thanksgiving dinner table, many eyes may be on you. It can be hard to settle on the perfect Thanksgiving look. After all, there are a lot of possible choices. Here are some tips and possible looks to pick.

Apply Some Foundation to Enhance Any Look

Foundation is the strong base on which any cosmetically enhanced look is built. If you do not use it, your whole makeup plan can fall apart. You can use foundation to even out your own skin tone by covering flaws. Another option is to use a foundation color that is different from your natural skin tone. Doing so lets you establish a lighter or darker base for your Thanksgiving look. Foundation comes in several forms, including:

  • Powder
  • Stick
  • Cream
  • Liquid

Many types of foundation are purely cosmetics. However, some also have properties that are good for your skin health. For example, water-based foundation helps to hydrate your skin. That hydration prevents it from peeling or cracking. It also helps your skin cells to maintain general health. Hydrated skin is better able to maintain elasticity and stay looking its best. 

Maintaining skin hydration can be hard around Thanksgiving due to changes in weather patterns in certain areas. It can also be difficult because you have a busy schedule when getting ready for holiday gatherings. You can easily forget to drink enough water or maintain your skincare routine. Applying a hydrating foundation can help you make up for those issues.

Add Some Concealer to Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

The next step in the process of achieving the perfect Thanksgiving look is putting on some concealer. Concealer is essential because it does the job of covering up any flaws in your complexion. Those can include 

blemishes and acne scars. You may also want to cover up dark circles under your eyes, especially if you have been too busy with Thanksgiving preparations to sleep properly.

A bottle of C85, Warm Tone concealer by Nabila K.

Picking the perfect concealer for Thanksgiving means understanding a few things about your skin and your other makeup. Keep a couple of different concealer tones handy because sun exposure can change your skin tone from day to day. When you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, consider your current skin tone. Then apply foundation and concealer tones that work well with it.

  1. Avoid Wasting Too Much Time on Your Lips 

An average person eats about 3,000 calories worth of food on Thanksgiving. It is nearly impossible to keep your lips looking their best while you are eating. Drawing attention to yourself while you are eating is also not ideal. Lipstick is still important at Thanksgiving, but it is better used as a side dish. It can act as an accent for the rest of your Thanksgiving look. You may even opt for a light lipstick shade to make it less noticeable when it needs reapplication.

Let Your Eye Shadow do the Talking 

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One of the most important parts of your Thanksgiving look is the eye shadow you pick. You will probably be talking with a lot of friends and family members during the holiday, and they are sure to make eye contact with you. Make a lasting impression with your eye makeup.

The look you choose for your eyes at Thanksgiving is up to you. Use your own personal preferences and the nature of the holiday to help you pick. For example, if you are invited to a formal Thanksgiving event, you may want to make a splash with some sparkly, glamorous eye shadow. A laid-back visit with your family may call for a more subdued look. You can also use the color palette of Thanksgiving itself for eye shadow inspiration. Some top options include various shades of:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Purple

Browns are also great eye shadow colors for Thanksgiving. In fact, applying brown eye shadow can give your eyes a smokey, sexy look. If you want to flirt your way through Thanksgiving dinner with your date, it is a perfect choice. Select three slightly different shades of brown for your crease, highlight, and lid colors to get the best results.

Add Some Eyeliner for Effect

Using eyeliner to create the classic “cat eye” look is always in style. However, the new trend of a softer “kitten eye” is taking the makeup world by storm in recent years. It requires a little less work, and it is also a little less bold. Yet, it can really bring out your eyes when your loved ones are staring across the Thanksgiving table at you as you each tell stories about how your years have gone.

Brush on the Blush

Blush is a great addition to any Thanksgiving look. Choose a traditional rosy cheek color or go bold with an orange tone in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. If neither of those work for you, try an option somewhere in the middle. Just do not avoid blush entirely or you will be missing out on an opportunity. Not only does it help highlight the eye makeup you choose, but nobody will know when you are blushing over embarrassing family stories.

Another great thing about blush is its versatility. The most common place to use it is on your cheeks but think outside the box. You can use a little on areas like your forehead or your nose, too. Subtle application in those areas can give your look a little something extra.

Make the Makeup Statement You Want to Make

Think of your makeup as an extension of your skin. Your skin is the part of yourself most on display to the rest of the world. Keep that in mind as you select your Thanksgiving makeup. Use it to make the statement you want to make about yourself. Perhaps you feel more subdued this Thanksgiving and want to apply neutral tones. On the other hand, you might prefer to make a bold color statement. There is no wrong answer. All you have to do is experiment with a few Thanksgivings looks until you find the one you love.

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