Inspiration For Creative Fashion Choices

How Do You Get Inspired?

Do you want ideas for amazing wardrobe choices that truly reflect who you are? All you have to do is look around. I find inspiration everywhere. Pinterest, magazines, and fashion sites are great places to start, but I’m also observant of things I encounter in my daily routine.

Study What Other People Are Wearing

Pay attention to what the people around you are wearing. When I do this, I make certain not just to see the apparel choices made by others but also to note my reactions to what I’m seeing. 

When I see an outfit I love, I try to analyze it. What makes it special? Is it something about the colors or the fabrics? Is there an unexpected combination of fashion elements? Has the person worn these clothes that have caught my eye adapted a trend in a unique way, or is this an entirely original creation?

Let Nature Inspire You

Artists have been inspired by nature since people lived in caves. You can be an artist of your own wardrobe. Even in a hectic and entirely manmade city, I can always find bits and pieces of nature. I can look up and see clouds or weather. Looking down, I can see blades of grass emerging from cracks in the sidewalk. Or, at the very least, I can look in a shop window and admire the colors in a florist’s bouquets.

The key to being inspired by nature is not just to pay attention to what you are seeing but also to note your reactions to it. How does it make you feel? Look at the colors in a houseplant. Can you see subtle differences in the green shades in the leaves? Does the shade of brown you see in the soil appeal to you? Does the graceful curve of a stem strike you as beautiful? Look at a cloud. How many different shades of white, of gray, of black, of blue, of pink, or orange, can you see in the cloud itself or reflect from it?

Record Your Observations

I always carry a notebook to record my moments of inspiration. You can use a notebook or whatever feels best for you – a Pinterest board, a sketchbook, a scrapbook, or a pencil and a piece of paper.  Make a list of inspirations. Review your list often. Do you see any trends or patterns in the things that inspire you most? Are there certain kinds of colors, such as jewel tones, that appear often on your list? Do you see different elements of your various inspirations that you could combine into one?

Put Your Own Spin on Trends

I find that the more I observe and record, the more often I am inspired. Working this way, you are becoming a fashion artist from the inside out, learning about the colors, shapes, fabrics, and styles you truly love. You are gaining all you need to create a beautiful look that expresses your most authentic self.

The final step is to apply this knowledge and put your own spin on trends. If, for example, you see tie-dyed pieces all over in stores and magazines, and that’s a trend that appeals to you – how can you best incorporate tie-dyed pieces into your own wardrobe? Consult your boards or notebooks for color combinations you observed in nature. Look for those colors as you shop for a tie-dyed T-shirt or dress – or even make your own.

Using inspiration to enhance your wardrobe can be an easy way to make life more creative and joyful.

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