“I want to be a paperback writer.” –The Beatles

There’s nothing better than a paperback book: you can take it on the train, bus, beach, or anywhere. Fold it and then carry it in your pocket. It’s a pocketful of adventure and information!

(Marilyn Monroe was an avid reader)

  • July 30th is a day celebrating Paperback Book Day, so, in proper fashion, let’s all use our extra time to read (rather than scrolling through Instagram).
  • It’s amazing how inexpensive books are: sometimes while walking through New York City, I see perfectly good books just lying on a stoop. What could be better than free books? Libraries are another favorite destination of mine for finding inexpensive books.  Many libraries sell the books that patrons donate to them, often for a dollar or less!

Making Time to Read

(Cher reads Peyton Place in the tub, Mermaids)

 “I want you to take a red-hot bath as hot as you can bear it, and just relax your nerves. You can read in the tub if you wish.”

 –F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

  • Think of reading as a chance to relax!
  •  Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures so, when combined with a hot soak, it’s like chocolate and peanut butter: improvement upon something that doesn’t even need betterment. 
  • When we think of people reclined in a bathtub reading, we usually imagine women with hair piled high on their head, indulging themselves in fluff: tawdry paperbacks, Harlequin romances, fashion magazines, and tabloid gossip. Go ahead and be that woman!  Unwind and take this time to read something frivolous or amusing! 
  • Do not, by any means, read your phone or tablet in the tub (or on a pool floatie)! Read an actual paperback book. That way, if you drop it, you end up with wet pages and smudged ink instead of a ruined electronic device. 
  • Give books as presents. When you’re finished with a book, gift it to a friend. Not only will this lighten your load, but it will also encourage reading.
  • Get a library card (if you don’t already have one).
  • Start a book club with a group of close friends.
  • Keep a small stack of books on your bedside table so, if you can’t sleep, you’ll have something to handy to read.
  • Carry a book in your purse or tote bag so, when you’re out and about and have a few spare minutes, you’ll have something to occupy your time. You’d be surprised just how much reading you can get done in a day.

Tips to Get Kids Reading

(Penguin Books USA)

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” –Maya Angelou 

  • We all want the children in our lives to become voracious readers who are constantly curious about the world around them. 
  • Let your children know all the benefits of reading! Not only does it make you smarter and well-educated, but it also allows you to travel all over the world (even to outer space)!
  • Find subject matter that interests them; let your kids read about their hobbies. Remember that reading should be fun!

Spartan and the Green Egg’s Book Series

(From Spartan and the Green Egg’s Book 3, Adventure at Wadi Allaqi)

Use Spartan and the Green Egg’s original title paperbacks—all written by Nabila Khashoggi and illustrated by Manuel Cadag—to get started:

  • A Trip to the Rainforest
  • The Reefs of Mindoro Island
  • Adventure at Wadi Allaqi


To learn more about the books that Spartan and the Green Egg has to offer, visit the website!

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