Passion and Perfume

Since their discovery, people have been perfuming themselves with the king of flowers, the rose. You may wonder why its allure has lasted throughout the centuries, and the answer is, at once, simple and also quite complex, just like its fragrance.

Roses are, undoubtedly, the most romantic flower and are always associated with love and passion. The red rose immediately evokes thoughts of delicate beauty and inflamed desire so, of course, they are associated with Valentine’s Day.

Kneading lavender powder with musk rose water is, according to “The Perfumed Garden” (an erotic Arabic text from the fifteenth century by Nefzawi), a cure for unwanted smells that affect the most amorous parts of the body.


From fairytales to Romantic poets, roses symbolize an exquisite quality that seems almost out of reach or unattainable. Like the magic rose under glass in “Beauty in the Beast” or Snow White’s lips that are as red as a rose, there’s a mystical quality that permeates our associations with the flower.

From William Blake’s “crimson joy” (The Sick Rose, 1789) to Lord Byron’s “roses of love” (Love’s Last Adieu, 1849), the Romantic poets revered this blossom as the most idealistic.

Nabila K’s “Rose Garden”

A bottled rose garden, Nabila K offers a roll-on perfume distilled from the purest essential oil. With a portable method of application, you can experience the true luxury and romance of roses anywhere at any time. Surprise that special someone in your life with the ultimate romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day or any time of the year. You will literally end up smelling like a rose!

The rose has an extensive history in the world of perfumes. Rosewater has been used as a key beauty treatment since the eighteenth century. Beloved by the Arabs and Berbers of Morocco, the ancient Persians, Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, roses are synonymous with exotic fragrances and have been used in religious ceremonies, medicine, and aromatherapy. Rose oil is still widely used today for its aromatic benefits. Did you know that roses are used for their therapeutic qualities, and the fragrance can act as an antidepressant?

Rose scent

Why do roses smell so sweet? One reason is that they contain a lot of essential oils. The other is their celebrated thin, delicate petals (which allow for the fragrance to be released more easily). Roses also contain natural sugars that release a perfume when the flower is cut.

The scent of roses is known to enhance romantic attraction, promote relaxation, and even help us sleep more soundly. There’s nothing quite like roses to suggest seduction and feelings of love. Marie Antoinette is credited with the creation of the first modern rose perfume (during the 18th century). While roses have been used since ancient and medieval times, the distillation process has become much more refined and sophisticated. With Nabila K’s “Rose Garden,” just a dab of fragrance goes a long way. Because it is so finely crafted from pure essential oils, Nabila K’s roll-on perfume captures and bottles the essence of roses so you can linger in a rose garden year-round.

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