Stlyling Your Workspace

The Science of Styling Your Workspace 

I move around quite a bit. My desk is mostly the ‘on the go’ type. I dream of getting back to my space, and when I do, sometimes, weeks later, it’s just as I left it, a mess. It almost derails me before I even start. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one buried in desk clutter. When I literally spent 15 minutes looking for some stupid sticky notes, I knew something had to give. I mean, we sit at our desks for hours upon hours. Staring at a screen is almost inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be tedious. You don’t have to work in a cluttered workspace. In fact, your desk can be a place of peace and serenity, if you style it right. But you don’t have to go out and hire someone to help you untangle the mess on your desk. Here are some recommendations that were given to me. Believe me…they’re a game changer.

1. Clean Your Desktop Off Completely

If you’re like me and a lot of other people, your desk has probably accumulated a number of things you may not even need any longer. Papers pile up, trinkets appear out of nowhere, and wires seem to take on lives of their own. Before you begin styling your desk, clear it off completely. Working around clutter is only going to derail the process. Move stuff to the floor or couch or a side table, (or the bed… this way you are forced to deal with it!) then you can put them away or work them into your design as the process goes along. Avoid the temptation to take your arm and make a clean sweep of it all. Looks great in the movies…not so much in real life.

2. Prioritize the Big Stuff First

Which items must be on your desk? You’ve probably got a computer and mouse. Maybe you have an external monitor and keyboard, as well. Those big items are your anchor items. Place them in places that make the most sense for your body so you’re not sitting in an awkward position or straining to see your screens. Are you left-handed or right-handed? The answer to this question will probably affect the best setup for your personal desk space.

3. Choose a Theme: Utilize Office Organizers

I can’t say this enough: organizing tools have become my best friend. They keep clutter away, enabling me to enjoy my space, and they’ll do the same for you. Decide which items could be in drawers and which should be kept on the top of your desk. Keep in mind that the clearer you’re able to keep the surface of your desk, the less anxiety you’ll experience when you’re working away. For file folders that’ll live on the top of your desk, find organizers that store them upright. Anytime you’re working on making a space more efficient and comfortable I found that it’s important to use vertical real estate, not just horizontal surfaces.
Your theme can be anything from fun and wild colors to wooden accessories; the point is to make everything congruent so that it looks and feels like it all naturally goes together. This will help the aesthetics in your entire home or office fit together better, too.

4. Address the Clutter

At this point, if it hasn’t made it back onto your desk yet, because it doesn’t absolutely need to be there, don’t start stacking it back on now. Take time to go through the rest of the items you’ve placed aside. Do you need them? Can they be filed? Does anything belong in the trash or donation piles? Get rid of everything you don’t need and find organized storage places for the stuff that needs to stick around but doesn’t need to live atop your desk.

5. One Last Look

Before you plunk your laptop down on your desk and start hitting keys, take one last look. Take a moment to look to see if things may work better if you put them in a different position. You’ll be astonished at how much more efficient your work day can be when all of your items have a proper home. It literally took me the better part of a day working with an organization expert to come to terms with the crazy that was my desk…but, in the end…it has been well worth it!

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