Great Ways To Shake Up Your Personal Style

How to Reinvent Your Look: 5 Fast Tips  

If you’re like me, sometimes you get tired of your hairstyle, and getting dressed in the morning leaves you bored. When that happens, it’s time to reinvent your look. As your circumstances evolve and you go through different periods of your life, it’s perfectly normal to feel like your old look doesn’t accurately reflect the new you. So, embrace the change!

I’ve learned that you don’t have to drop big bucks on a complete wardrobe overhaul to spice things up. Try these tips to find a great new look.

1. Get Inspired

When you’re feeling meh, find your inspiration. Whose look do you love? When I’m looking for a change, I Google-style icons I adore and study images of them to decide what it is I like about their looks. Magazine trends come and go, but zeroing in on lasting style will help your look stay timeless and fresh at the same time.

2. Cut Your Hair

I’ve found that a new haircut is the fastest way to shake up your style. It doesn’t have to be drastic: just trimming 3 to 4 inches and framing your face differently will make you feel like a new person. Before taking the plunge, I always ask my stylist what they would do to my hair if I let them choose any style. I don’t always decide to do what they suggest – but I do keep in mind that they probably know what’s best for my hair’s texture, so I take their advice seriously.

3. Choose a Signature Color

Choose a signature color that you love and looks great on you, then incorporate that color into every outfit for the next week. Black and white are easy ways to get started, but a bold choice like red or a sassier neutral like olive green are also good ideas. I find that giving yourself new rules for dressing help you put together clothes you already own in fun new ways. If you like your new outfits, adjust your wardrobe to create a signature look.

4. Start with Accessories

Instead of rushing out to replace all my clothes, I start with accessories. If you’ve always been into rings, try some statement necklaces instead. Scarves, bracelets, belts, and shoes can all change the feel of your favorite outfit, so try changing your finishing touches when you get dressed. You can also buy some inexpensive new pieces to help you emulate that style icon you researched in Step 1.

5. Update Your Makeup

Another fast way to reinvent your look is to clear out your old makeup and choose fresh items in updated, flattering colors. Choose a new lipstick shade or try replacing your plain mascara with a colored option — navy blue is more subtle than you think! I have found that this is a low-stakes way to follow a new trend or experiment with that smoky eye without breaking the bank.

Reinventing your look might feel challenging at first, but it should be fun! Start with these tips to get inspired, and in no time, you’ll see a new person smiling back at you in the mirror.

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