“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” –Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday (if nothing else, the candy and flowers will always lure you in). A romantic ambiance complete with a bubble bath, rose petals and candlelight are a sure way to anyone’s heart! Go ahead and give in: make this Valentine’s Day extra special for yourself and that special someone with all the charming bits and bobs. 

The phrases “Lovecore” and “Heartcore” have taken over the lexicon and are intended to describe dĂ©cor and aesthetics that rely heavily on a romantic theme. 

Romantic and passionate love are always ideal on Valentine’s Day, but so is the love of friends, girlfriends (i.e., “GALentine’s day”), and one’s self. Self-love and self-care are incredibly important, and, now more than ever, we’re actually talking about how to nurture ourselves as well as others. This means taking time to be alone and, like Miley Cyrus’s recent siren song, buying yourself flowers. This is not selfish or even a wee bit sad (even on Valentine’s Day); it’s liberating!

What you’ll need to win hearts and/or treat just yourself:

Bubble baths, oils, and organic salts (all rose-scented, of course) are must-have items for the most romantic day—and night—of the year. Even if you’re simply soaking by yourself and not coupled up, taking a hot bath is one of the most relaxing, practical forms of self-care in which to indulge. Fill the tub to the rim (but watch for overflow; your neighbors downstairs will complain when water drips ruin their V-Day plans), fill it with Nabila K Rose Garden bubble bath, organic rose bath salts (with actual rose petals), and just a tad of bath oil. What could be more luxurious? 

Candles are absolutely necessary for conjuring romance. If you’re not one who goes for a lot of frills, fake it till you make it: there’s nothing like a candle flame to ignite passion. If you’re on a budget, try Nabila K’s small soy-based candles (these are perfect for fitting onto the corners and edges of a bathtub). Take your bubble bath game to the next level with light emanating only from Nabila K Rose Garden candles

  • Oil Diffusers are a chic flame-free option for perfuming large spaces (try Nabila K’s Rose Garden scented option).
  • Red lipstick (or gloss) is a Valentine’s Day essential. How else are you going to leave red prints on his cheek, collar, and, most of all, seal your love letters? Make sure to mark them “SWAK.” Nabila K has the perfect red lipstick in the shade called aptly called “Vixen.”

Perfume is necessary for evoking passion and is one of those things we always remember: long after memories have faded, a special scent remains. Fragrances even have the power to unlock memory.

  • The perfect love letter is, of course, sealed with a kiss. More than that, it has to be written from the heart. Whether you make your own heart-shaped paper Valentines or purchase a greeting card, make sure that the message is heartfelt and filled with a bit of poetry. Nabila K’s unique stationery is a great idea for the occasion (especially the Rose Garden design) and is blank, so you can choose the perfect, one-of-a-kind sentiment. 
  • Of course, champagne is the beverage of choice! Like Oscar Wilde said, “Only the unimaginative can fail to find a reason for drinking champagne.”
  • Plush toys—especially teddy bears—have always been a favorite and always make for sweet, cuddly presents.

Add some smooth jazz, jewelry, and lingerie and you’re all set for a perfect Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re sleeping alone, cozy pajamas are sometimes the cutest and, clearly, the most comfortable! As for jewelry, costume is just as fun as real gems; try something with a heart charm to feel exceptionally cute.

  • Chocolates (in a heart-shaped box, no less) are always welcome, and Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without them. An old-fashioned box complete with satin pleats and a big bow is the ultimate treat.

For more information on the Nabila K products mentioned above that will make your day—and night—as lovely as possible, check out the links below:

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