Make the Most of your Space

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll soon realize that mirrors are a recurring theme. Not only do they look great, but they immediately maximize any pied-à-terre. Small spaces are ideal for creating a cozy aesthetic. Here are some easy ways to make any space—no matter the size—comfy and practical:

  • Lush textiles, comfortable seating, soft fabrics, etc. Make every possible place to sit plush! 
  • Express yourself: build a gallery wall. Lots of family photographs, art prints, and paintings make any room special. 
  • Storage (shelves): Think vertical! Bookshelves are very important and make any room a cozy library. We all could use more storage so try and install shelves and utilize beautiful dressers and other bits of furniture with lots of drawers.
  • Use a daybed. Not only are they adorable, but you’ll have a lot more room than if you opt for a larger one. Trundle beds also come in handy for overnight guests.
  • Soft lighting options (especially on a dimmer) are practical and healthier than bright overhead lighting, which can be jarring and disruptive to sleep patterns. No one likes being in a fluorescent-lit space for too long.
  • Plants and flowers make any nook so much cheerier and more attractive.

Ideas from traveling 

Imagine you’re in an old-fashioned train carriage with luggage covered in vintage travel decals. If you’re in the dining compartment, the tables are, hopefully, covered with white linen and fresh flowers (or is this just in the movies?). When we travel, we put ourselves in lots of small, overly crowded places (most notably airplanes). A room that resembles a vintage-inspired ship’s cabin is very much out of a Wes Anderson film, and this aesthetic is getting increasingly popular. There’s nothing cuter than a room with a porthole or a maritime theme. If you’ve ever traveled to certain faraway places where one must sleep with a mosquito net, you’ll know how handy these are and that a safari-themed bungalow with a hammock can be very exotic.

Irresistible tiny places:

Maybe it stems back to that childhood wish of finding a place of one’s own where you can be independent and read comics for hours, draw, make up stories, or simply daydream, but small places have always seemed more cozy than claustrophobic. This is probably why playhouses will never go out of style, and dollhouses are simply magical.

  • Tree houses are, for instance, amazing places for play and wonder. If you’re surrounded by nature (in a tree, no less), then you always have a beautiful vista and bird’s eye view.
  • Parisian apartments are dreamy because, well, isn’t everything in Paris charming and elegant? High ceilings, French doors, lots of mirrors ,and, if you’re lucky, a terrace all make for an enchanting place to live or visit.
  • Any reading nook has its charms. Curling up beneath the covers with a flashlight is such a fun childhood activity, and as we get older, we still like to retreat to a place of our own where it’s quiet, and we can let our minds wander.
  • A cabana or pool house is an ideal hangout! If you’re near the ocean and can leave the doors and windows open, do! This is preferable to constant air conditioning and will fill your lodging with the wonderful scent of salty sea breezes. 
  • Attic rooms (especially at night with a lamp burning) are wonderful for artists and writers because they’re tucked away, undisturbed.
  • A cabin in the woods or ski chalet is an idyllic place to relax, sip hot chocolate and watch the world go by. It’s also perfect for getting lots of work done (for some). Henry David Thoreau lived a solitary life in the woods, in a small cabin, and wrote about it extensively in his book “Walden” (1854).  

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