How to Select a Gift for Children in the Family  

Whether you are planning ahead for a holiday party with your family or getting ready for a birthday party, it can be challenging to purchase gifts for younger family members. While getting the right gift is difficult even if you are a parent, it becomes much harder if you are an extended family member. Some family members are reluctant to talk to the child’s parents to get advice for a gift. Do not feel ashamed to ask questions about what to buy. Parents often appreciate coordinating with other family members because it is a good way to ensure you do not both purchase the same item. Even if you do not want to outright ask for a specific purchase, you can at least get general advice on what to buy.

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Another consideration with children is how often their interests can change. While you should not wait until the last minute to make a purchase, you do not want to buy a gift months in advance. Children, especially younger ones, will often go through quick interest phases as they develop and learn more about the world. A fascination with dinosaurs or trains may only last a few weeks until it is replaced by something else. 

Reliable Gift Categories

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Another option is buying movies. While this may seem like a go-to category, keep in mind that most parents also purchase movies for their children. Instead of picking something recent, consider a classic from your own childhood. Some of the top movies include films like Toy Story, Wizard of Oz, or the Muppet Movie. There are also classic Disney movies such as Lion King, Snow White, or Beauty and the Beast. 

Books are excellent gifts for children of all ages. Children’s books are not only great entertainment, but they also develop important skills and encourage children’s imaginations. Parents are as likely to appreciate a book gift as their children since it gives them a good opportunity to bond while reading the book to their child. More health experts are also encouraging children to read books because it provides a healthy alternative to digital devices, which are becoming more widespread among children.

Another benefit of buying books is they are often inexpensive. More children’s books also come in series, such as the Spartan and the Green Egg series. There are even additional gift packs based around the series for additional gift ideas, including pins, stickers, patches, and games.

Art is also a great category for children. This can include drawing books, coloring, and painting supplies. There are also products like Play-Doh or Slimy Sand.

Gift Longevity

When you are shopping for children’s gifts, keep longevity in mind. Not every gift needs to last several years, but both parents and children appreciate gifts with continual use. Gifts that can be shared are also appreciated. For example, Legos remain a popular gift because the sets can be rebuilt or combined with other Lego products. It is also a toy that can either be passed down or shared with other children. Because there is so much variety, there is also less of a chance of gifting the same set as another family member.

Think Outside the Box

Not all gifts require buying products. Children love to see and explore new places. For local trips, check to see what zoos, aquariums, planetariums, or museums are in your area. Many of these venues feature special events for children, which often include either free or discounted prices as well. This is an excellent way to bond with your family members, and many parents will appreciate having a few hours to themselves. If your family is comfortable with it, you can even arrange for a weekend trip.

National Geographic Geode Kit

National Geographic offers several different geode kits. The kits themselves operate in the same way, but the number of available geodes changes based on the size. The costs can range from $20 to $100, also based on the size of the kits. Each of the kits includes safety goggles, magnifying glass, a collection of geodes, and educational information about each one. The geodes must be cracked open to reveal the colorful gemstones underneath. Cracking the geodes is relatively easy, but adult supervision is still recommended. Geode kits are fun, interactive gifts that also encourage problem-solving and scientific learning.

Green Toy Bath Submarine and Tugboat

Many young children struggle with bath time, viewing it as a boring and unnecessary activity. An easy way to make bath time more exciting is by adding toys. While there are many bath toys to choose from, Green Toy is recommended for its exciting, high-quality toys. All Green Toys products are environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to clean. They also have practical purposes, such as doubling as a cup for washing hair. The toys are also reasonably priced, costing around $15 to $25 on average. Green Toy also has a variety of other toys available as well, including trucks, construction kits, shape sorters, and trains.


Stuffed animals are a great choice for young children. Even as they grow older, many children continue to cherish their favorite stuffed animals. Some even grow into adulthood, keeping their stuffed animals on display. The stuffed bear is a classic option, but Build-A-Bear has many unique options, allowing you to completely customize your bear. For example, you can base the bear on a specific franchise, such as Harry Potter. The cost varies depending on the bear you want, starting as low as $15 to $25, but going as high as $50 to $70.

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Magna-Tiles are customizable, geometrically shaped building tiles. What makes Magna-Tiles so appealing is, due to the number of shapes and all the possible configurations, children can craft whatever sort of designs or structures they want. This gives Magna-Tiles greater longevity compared to other toys. The tiles also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving for a younger audience. They are also much easier to clean up after compared to similar building toys, something any parent will appreciate. The tile sets cost around $45 to $70.

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