It’s almost spring and that means time for cleaning and decluttering. If an object is no longer needed (or even wanted) and is simply collecting dust, toss it.

We are all familiar with the advice: “If you haven’t worn it in six months, get rid of it.” Yes, I know we’ve all mostly been living in sweat pants and dressing gowns for the past year and our clothes are begging for us to take them out on the town but, under usual circumstances, clothes we simply do not wear (that don’t have some sort of special sentimentality attached) would probably be better in someone else’s wardrobe. If that little black dress is in good condition but no longer fits, donate it! What else should you probably purge?
⦁ Those skinny jeans you’ve kept for years hoping that, one day, after a very long juice cleanse, would fit again
⦁ Any article of acid-washed denim
⦁ A pair of killer heels that slay…and actually kill your feet
⦁ The boyfriend blazer that, well, belonged to an ex-boyfriend you haven’t spoken to in years


We should also remember that buying well is always a good idea; if you invest in a classic piece—rather than fast fashion—you’ll wear it for years and get your money’s worth.

What about non-clothing items?

⦁ The more books, the better! Old newspapers and magazines on the other hand (unless they’re rare, valuable, and sealed in Mylar) should probably go. Nothing says “Crazy Hoarder” better than 20-year-old stacks of dusty newspapers.
⦁ Clean out that refrigerator and those cupboards: I promise you’ll find at least a few things past their expiration date that should be trashed.
⦁ Old makeup. Ditch that tube of dried-up mascara you haven’t applied since lockdown. Your eyes will thank you, I promise.


The Buddhist philosophy is that we would all be happier with less “stuff” for material goods do not bring happiness. If our possessions no longer bring us joy we should probably get rid of them. Remember not to just throw things away, mind you: donate the items that will be of use to others and recycle (or upcycle) the rest. This doesn’t mean that one has to become a Buddhist monk and embrace the minimalist lifestyle, but it’s a good idea to get some spring cleaning done.

Declutter Your Home and Your Head

⦁ With less clutter, we can concentrate better. When everything is in its rightful place, we are more productive and less harried.
⦁ When we have more space, we’re able to find things more effortlessly.
⦁ Having trouble finding what to wear? That’s an easy fix! With fewer clothes to choose from, getting ready becomes simpler.

But Don’t Throw Out the Memory Chest

⦁ Boxes of old photographs, postcards, and love letters are truly what life is made of: memories. These objects make the past come alive, so don’t get rid of those special keepsakes.
⦁ Take the time for a walk down memory lane. Think of it as a workout for your soul.
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