Hard-Case-Cover-Flat-HZ_ThumbSpartan & The Green Egg: A Trip to the Rainforest

In Book 1, A Trip to the Rainforest, the team’s introduction to the rainforest and all its wonders is made even more fun by the company of two native Amazonian Indians.  Their extraordinary visit is not without a few close calls.  After an eye-opening experience with a mysterious Shaman, their own troubles seem to pale in comparison to what they learn. The rainforest is in danger of vanishing, and all its creatures and plant life are at risk of extinction. With the help of the Green Egg’s out-of-this-world technology, the team is able to put a big dent into the path of destruction and re-new hope for the survival of the rainforest.


Reefs-Cover-flat_ThumbSpartan & The Green Egg: The Reefs of Mindoro Island

In Book 2, The Reefs of Mindoro Island, the team of explorers goes to the South China Sea and visits the beautiful isle of Mindoro. It is the seventh-largest island in the Philippine archipelago where thousands of miles of precious coral reefs, abundant with wildlife, are in danger. Spartan and his friends face a challenging mission; to stop some reckless and avaricious fishermen from blowing up the very fragile coral reefs with explosives.  They befriend a brave young girl from the traditional Iraya Mangyan tribe, and are presented with an obstacle: in order to save paradise, they must take a huge risk.


Hard-Case-Cover-Flat-HZ_ThumbSpartan & The Green Egg: Adventure at Wadi Allaqi

In Book 3, Adventure at Wadi Allaqi, the spirited, young friends travel to the Sahara Desert in the Red Hills of Egypt. They arrive in the scorching heat equipped with supplies to survive the harsh desert conditions.
Unexpected, helpful input from their extraterrestrial friend is welcomed with enthusiasm. Desert life cools down a bit when Egg transforms into a flying carpet and whisks Spartan and friends away on an unforgettable ride.

The adventurers meet a nomadic tribe of Bedouins on their way to a village in Wadi Allaqi. They befriend tribal siblings, Kamal and Samiha, and discover an urgent need for water in the area. With Egg’s help, they learn more about the desert eco-system, but will Spartan and friends find a solution to the water shortage for the arid community?


The Poachers of Tiger MountainSpartan & The Green Egg: The Poachers of Tiger Mountain

In Book 4, The Poachers of Tiger Mountain, Spartan and friends travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan in Himalaya, home to some of the tallest mountains in the world. The travelers arrive at a village hosting a lively archery tournament as part of a Bhutanese festival. They make new friends quickly, join the feast and watch the performance.

Soon the group discovers that poachers have killed off many of the tigers that used to thrive in Bhutan, and now only two cubs remain. They face their most challenging mission yet: to save man-eating tigers from armed poachers amidst freezing weather conditions.

Using a few extra-terrestrial tools and assistance from their new Bhutanese friends, the group embarks on a dangerous mission. Will they arrive too late to save the tiger cubs?

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