Want Glowing Skin? Apply Honey And Other Natural Ingredients Daily

Creating a Natural Glow for Your Skin with Nabila Khashoggi

Does your current facial cleanser leave your face looking red and irritated? Are you frustrated and searching for something that makes your skin glow without leaving residue behind? Nabila K has the perfect solution for you with our Manuka Honey Face Balm. Our product contains a powerhouse of ingredients that gives your face a natural glow without the harshness found in most other facial cleansers.

The Special Ingredients of Manuka Honey Face Balm

When it comes to the products you put on your face, natural ingredients are always better than artificial ones. At Nabila K, the process started with sourcing pure Manuka honey for our skincare products. Other natural ingredients in Manuka Honey Face Balm include:

  • Argan oil
  • Cupuacu seed
  • Olive squalene
  • Organic jojoba seed oil
  • Panthenol
  • Potassium sorbate, which acts as a natural preservative
  • Rice bran wax
  • Shea butter
  • Turmeric root extract
  • Vitamin A acetate
  • Vitamin C Ester
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E acetate

Combined, these ingredients promote skin elasticity and help to hide fine lines and wrinkles that age your face prematurely. Your face feels soft and supple every day, and it will not be long before others start asking if you are aging in reverse.

Women in New Zealand have relied on honey-based facial cleansers for centuries to receive the same benefits you are getting now. Cleaning your face with Manuka Honey Face Balm is especially important during the colder winter months because it replenishes the moisture you lose to cold, dry air.

How to Use Our Honey-Based Face Palm to Moisturize Your Skin or Remove Makeup

You can safely use the Manuka product on your face, neck, and upper chest every day. Just place the fingers of your dominant hand into the jar to scoop out a teaspoon-sized portion of the balm. You should then apply it immediately to your face and the decolletage area after cleaning your body. Continue rubbing the balm until you no longer see any traces of it when looking in the mirror.

To use Manuka Honey Face Balm to remove makeup at the end of the day, massage the balm onto your wet skin and pat it dry with a towel. Be sure to rinse your face when finished.

Thanks to the honey and other natural ingredients, our face balm will not strip your skin of its natural oils. Your skin needs these oils to retain moisture and avoid becoming dry and flaky, especially during the winter months. You will also be happy to know that this honey-based facial cleanser does not clog pores and will not contribute to any breakouts of acne.

The face balm feels warm and sticky when you first put it on, which is perfectly normal. These sensations will quickly fade as you rub the balm onto your face, neck, and upper chest. We recommend doing a patch test before using the product for the first time to make sure you do not have sensitive skin and can tolerate all ingredients. All but those with the most sensitive skin do perfectly fine with the product.

Ethically Sourced and Appropriate for All Skin Types

At Nabila K, we care just as much about sourcing our ingredients ethically as we do about offering our customers unique, high-quality beauty products to meet their everyday needs. You have our word that we collect honey for our face balm in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

Our newest skin cleanser product is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sulfate, and phthalates. Whether you have dark, light, oily, or normal skin, you can expect glowing skin every day with the natural ingredients in our honey-based face balm. We use no artificial colors when preparing the balm mixture, so you can expect your jar of facial cleanser to be close to the color of honey. You will feel the product working at your deepest skin layers to moisturize, hydrate, and refresh within seconds of applying it. Please note that this product is for adult and external use only.


4 Ways To Use Honey For Beauty

Ways Honey Can Up Your Beauty Game  

Wanting to look your best is only natural but wanting to look your best without harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients is straight-up smart. That’s where honey comes in. Did you know it’s one of the oldest beauty treatments known to humankind? And that it is still used today in many parts of the world to soften skin, increase elasticity, reduce blemishes and fine lines, and create an effortless healthy glow?

True story. Honey is absolutely loaded with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, stripping impurities away from your body while leaving your natural oils in place. It’s a win-win … win. If you want in on the honey secret, here are just a few ways it can up your beauty game.

  1. Make Makeup Go Bye-Bye

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup during the day, especially non-comedogenic products that use minerals and other natural ingredients, you should take it off as soon as possible using a gentle remover.

Luckily, honey can do that. Mix it with a carrier oil (such as jojoba or coconut), wipe it across the eyes, and smooth it around the face. Rub gently, then rinse with warm water. Voilà!

2. Care for Your Complexion

Your skin is precious. Not only is it your body’s largest organ, protecting you from tip to toes, but it also must work hard to block the many carcinogens and toxins pumped out all around you each and every day. It deserves your backing, and honey does the trick.

Here are a few ways you can care for your complexion with simple honey:

  • Hydrate like a boss: Honey brings its moisturization game to every match, and nowhere is this truer than in our Manuka Honey Whip Face Cream. Using the magic of Manuka honey, made only in New Zealand and Australia by bees that pollinate the manuka tree, you can care for your skin in style. The whip is light, fast-absorbing, and free of harsh chemicals. The additions of aloe vera and shea butter make it even more hydrating, giving your skin a smooth, dewy glow.
  • Balance pH and fight acne: Feel imbalanced? If you experience regular acne, blemishes, or irritation, your skin is crying out for ingredients it’s not getting from your regular skincare routine. Manuka Honey Renewal will take care of that. A deep hydration face oil, it balances pH and delivers a dose of vitamin F, firming and hydrating, clearing your complexion and balancing pH for long-term clear skin.
  • Exfoliate and shine: No matter how healthy your skin is, it won’t look its best with a buildup of dead skin cells sitting on top of it. Gentle weekly exfoliation will take care of that problem in a hurry, but you have to find the right products. Some exfoliants are too rough, stripping and washing away your skin’s oils. This can leave your face even more prone to acne and irritation. Manuka Honey Face Polish takes care of that, with muscovado sugar and milk thistle in addition to pure New Zealand Manuka honey. Now you can scrub and rehydrate at the same time.
  • Increase skin elasticity: Feeling a little saggy lately? That’s normal with age, but it doesn’t mean you have to let it go unchecked. Honey naturally firms skin, and research shows it also increases your body’s own collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Add in some hyaluronic acid peptide, and our Manuka honey serum is a shoo-in for daily de-wrinkler status.
  • Restore skin’s natural oils: Your body produces its own oil, called sebum, that keeps skin fairly well-protected and balanced. However, that balance gets disrupted when you use cleansers, wear makeup, and simply walk outdoors, getting exposed to soot, smog, and other chemicals. Manuka honey face balm helps to fight that. With shea and cupuacu butters, it restores natural oil levels without clogging pores.


For the ultimate beauty results, combine the above five products into a daily routine. Before you know it, you’ll have the skin of your dreams. If you need an extra boost in between, simply mix a tablespoon of honey with a little bit of water, spread it on your face, and leave until it dries, then wash away for an extra daily glow.

3. Beautify Your Behind

As we age, the delicate derrière dermis starts to lose its smoothness and glow, darkening and becoming rough. If you’ve got that chicken-skin feel, you can combat it with honey!

Take a tablespoon between your fingers, wet with a little water, and gently massage it between and on the undersides of your cheeks. You’ll notice greater elasticity, firmer skin, and overall lightening, getting closer to the color and tone of the rest of your body. Perform this ritual for 15 minutes once a week and watch the results blossom.

4. Hype Your Hair

Lovely locks can also benefit from honey. It is a natural humectant and emollient, meaning it both moisturizes and smooths in one heady swoop. All on its own, honey makes a fantastic hair mask. Simply mix it with enough water to make it pliable, then smooth it through your strands, massaging gently into the scalp and pulling it all the way to the end. Leave in while you do some chores or stand under the shower’s steam for 20 minutes, then wash it away. You can follow up with your normal shampoo and conditioning routine.

Whatever you do, make sure to use Earth-friendly and skin-loving ingredients like our Manuka honey products. If you go the plain honey route, look for “raw” on the label since pasteurized and processed honey doesn’t bring the same benefits.

Now that you know the secret to natural beauty, what’s stopping you?



“I want to be a paperback writer.” –The Beatles

There’s nothing better than a paperback book: you can take it on the train, bus, beach, or anywhere. Fold it and then carry it in your pocket. It’s a pocketful of adventure and information!

(Marilyn Monroe was an avid reader)

  • July 30th is a day celebrating Paperback Book Day, so, in proper fashion, let’s all use our extra time to read (rather than scrolling through Instagram).
  • It’s amazing how inexpensive books are: sometimes while walking through New York City, I see perfectly good books just lying on a stoop. What could be better than free books? Libraries are another favorite destination of mine for finding inexpensive books.  Many libraries sell the books that patrons donate to them, often for a dollar or less!

Making Time to Read

(Cher reads Peyton Place in the tub, Mermaids)

 “I want you to take a red-hot bath as hot as you can bear it, and just relax your nerves. You can read in the tub if you wish.”

 –F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

  • Think of reading as a chance to relax!
  •  Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures so, when combined with a hot soak, it’s like chocolate and peanut butter: improvement upon something that doesn’t even need betterment. 
  • When we think of people reclined in a bathtub reading, we usually imagine women with hair piled high on their head, indulging themselves in fluff: tawdry paperbacks, Harlequin romances, fashion magazines, and tabloid gossip. Go ahead and be that woman!  Unwind and take this time to read something frivolous or amusing! 
  • Do not, by any means, read your phone or tablet in the tub (or on a pool floatie)! Read an actual paperback book. That way, if you drop it, you end up with wet pages and smudged ink instead of a ruined electronic device. 
  • Give books as presents. When you’re finished with a book, gift it to a friend. Not only will this lighten your load, but it will also encourage reading.
  • Get a library card (if you don’t already have one).
  • Start a book club with a group of close friends.
  • Keep a small stack of books on your bedside table so, if you can’t sleep, you’ll have something to handy to read.
  • Carry a book in your purse or tote bag so, when you’re out and about and have a few spare minutes, you’ll have something to occupy your time. You’d be surprised just how much reading you can get done in a day.

Tips to Get Kids Reading

(Penguin Books USA)

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” –Maya Angelou 

  • We all want the children in our lives to become voracious readers who are constantly curious about the world around them. 
  • Let your children know all the benefits of reading! Not only does it make you smarter and well-educated, but it also allows you to travel all over the world (even to outer space)!
  • Find subject matter that interests them; let your kids read about their hobbies. Remember that reading should be fun!

Spartan and the Green Egg’s Book Series

(From Spartan and the Green Egg’s Book 3, Adventure at Wadi Allaqi)

Use Spartan and the Green Egg’s original title paperbacks—all written by Nabila Khashoggi and illustrated by Manuel Cadag—to get started:

  • A Trip to the Rainforest
  • The Reefs of Mindoro Island
  • Adventure at Wadi Allaqi


To learn more about the books that Spartan and the Green Egg has to offer, visit the website!


Too Sweet For Words: Valentine’s Day Aesthetics

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” 

–Charles M. Schulz 

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that may seem like an excuse to price gouge lovers when it comes to gourmet chocolates and long-stemmed red roses but, I must admit, I really love Valentine’s Day. Just the aesthetic of a vintage picture postcard with a cupid on it wielding his mighty arrow and bow is enough to evoke feel-good feelings of love, flirtation, and romance. There’s nothing better than a heart-shaped box of chocolates wrapped in a red bow, a single crimson rose in a bud vase (or an entire bouquet), and maybe even a sugar cookie decorated with red sprinkles. Here are some tips for enjoying the holiday. Let’s all rejoice in a little levity!



Vintage candies and desserts are such fun! Heart-shaped cakes, cookies, and even Jell-O molds are absolutely precious! Of course, most people enjoy candy on Valentine’s Day but remember that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Nothing quite beats a simple (yet full of nostalgia) Whitman’s Sampler! The chocolates do not have to be artisanal or high-end: the key to this holiday is all about aesthetics so, as long as the box is heart-shaped (with a ribbon, tulle, and some frilly lace), you’re good to go! And let us not forget about the cutest Valentine’s trend of all: pastel Conversation Hearts that say “Be Mine” and “I Love You” are undeniably adorable. Of course, cocktails are also a must for V-Day. Whether you’re having a “Gal-entine’s” celebration with your best girlfriends, a quiet evening at home with your significant other, or a night out on the town, champagne always makes everything more festive. If you’re cooking up something really romantic for him or her, surprise them with chocolate-covered strawberries and something baked from scratch.



Of course, roses are the most popular and traditional choice for Valentine’s Day flowers. Long-stemmed roses, tuberoses or spray roses: they all make a traditional and lasting impression. If you’re looking for something a little less expected but still on theme, try carnations in red, pink or white. Also, remember that you can never steer off course with baby’s breath. 


Greeting Cards

Hand-written love letters, cards in fancy envelopes sealed with a kiss, postcards and even hand-made stationery are the backbone of Valentine’s Day! A small heart fashioned from construction paper covered in glitter is possibly one of the most precious gifts a person can receive. So, whether you pen your own epic love letter, purchase one from a high-end boutique or from an aisle at the corner chemist, make sure it’s heartfelt and sincere. And, please, write in cursive! There’s nothing romantic and old fashioned about printing. 


Fun Decorations 

Red and pink hearts made from tissue paper, light bulbs glowing red, confetti in the shape of cupids and long, tapered candlesticks all add to the frivolity and romance of Valentine’s Day. We all remember Valentine’s dances in Junior High and High School and, if we were lucky, there was maybe a disco ball, an enormous punch bowl, balloons, and some decent music playing. Now that we’re all grown up we can have our own Valentine’s Day parties and decorate exactly as we please. Don’t forget a white linen tablecloth and soft lighting for a romantic dinner, elegant glassware for a cocktail party and, this time, go for it and spike the punch. 


Try 6 Self-Care Tips For Valentine’s Day

6 Self-Care Tips Perfect for This Valentine’s Day  

Whether you plan to go out for a night on the town or want to stay in this Valentine’s Day, you deserve to have a day of self-care and love. At Nabila K, we have lifestyle and beauty products that we believe can help you look and feel your best. Here are six self-care tips to help you relax and spend some much-needed time on your own self-care routine.

1. Light Up a Scent You Love

Surrounding yourself with scents that you love will immediately put you into a better headspace. In fact, scents can stimulate your mood and even trigger nostalgic memories. 

If that sounds good to you, we have scents like cedarwoodHeart de ProvenceOcean Tempest, and Jasmine & Honey that help you relax while enjoying a beautiful scent all around you. Whether you’re prepping for a date night or just want to light candles while you soak in the bathtub, these are excellent options.

2. Take Time on Your Skin Before You Head Out

If you’re putting on makeup and feel like your skin looks dull, it might be time to look into getting your healthy glow back. Using activated charcoal helps detoxify and illuminate your skin, while rice and evening primrose or rose and aloe will help cleanse, soothe, and balance it.

The Nabila K Luxury Kit #1 has all these helpful extracts as well as a gentle brown sugar scrub you can use to scrub away dead, dry skin.

3. Journal Your Feelings

Getting your feelings down on paper can help you feel better when you’ve had a bad day or even help you manifest your hopes and dreams. Carry a small notebook with you to jot down ideas, or use a larger notebook to write down how you feel while you’re bathing or relaxing at home.

4. Nourish Your Skin Overnight

Once you’re home from a date or when you settle in for the evening, you may want to consider nourishing your skin with a restorative night cream. The “I Am Here” night cream has aloe, rose, and sage to moisturize your skin, provide it with maximum hydration, and rejuvenate it overnight.

5. Choose Colors That Make You Happy

Valentine’s Day makes many people feel they have to look their absolute best. If you are concerned about your makeup or skincare, remember that you just need to wear what makes you feel beautiful. Choose that daring red lipstick or go with a soft nude. Whatever you choose should make you feel confident and happy.

6. Get Organized

Finally, get organized. If you’ll be leaving home and want to make sure you have makeup with you, keep a little lip gloss or lipstick with you in your purse. Don’t forget a debit or credit card, and set everything you need by the door. Good organization reduces your stress level and makes sure you’re prepared for your night out.

These are six self-care tips to help you feel confident, secure, and comfortable this Valentine’s Day. Whether you stay home and relax, head out with friends, or go on a date, these six self-care tips will help you on your way to a wonderful evening.


The Meaning Of Multilingualism

Learning a different language is easier for some people than it is for others. Some just have a knack for it. One thing is for certain, though, if you are forced to learn a new language for survival and become immersed in it, having to actually speak it every day, you’re going to learn a lot faster and more efficiently than if you just sit in a classroom. 

“The sum of human wisdom is not contained in any one language, and no single language is capable of expressing all forms and degrees of human comprehension.”

–Ezra Pound

Most people throughout the world are at least bilingual (meaning they speak more than one language). To be multilingual is to speak multiple languages and to be able to navigate multiple languages fluently and interchangeably, sometimes during a single conversation. So, if you speak three languages, you’re known as trilingual, and if one speaks even more than just three languages, they are known as “multilingual.” And then there are “polyglots” and “hyperpolyglots. A polyglot is someone who speaks more than five languages, while a hyperpolyglot is fluent in ten (or more) languages. There are only 1,000 (or so) hyperpolyglots in the entire world!

Encourage Children to Learn Other Languages 

Major benefits of learning other languages include: 

  • Opportunities for extensive travel
  • Exciting career prospects
  • Making new friends
  • A greater understanding of people and, ultimately, the world

“Linguistics” is the scientific study of languages. It’s actually much more complicated and involved than you may think. Language is expressed in countless ways: through formal speech, sign language, writing, reading, folklore, and songs. Thousands of years ago—before written language—history was passed down through spoken stories. 

“Speaking, writing, and reading are integral to everyday life.” All these aspects of language unlock clues to behavior and why certain people have particular cultures, habits, etc. We all know that communication is the cornerstone of understanding but what if we cannot speak to one another? We communicate with body language and unspoken gestures constantly, even without realizing it. Without language, how would we express ourselves? How would we tell stories? How would we convey what it means to be alive on this planet?

Why Multilingualism is Important

  • Those who speak more than one language have a “better innate understanding of how language works.”
  • They also tend to develop better problem-solving skills and have enhanced learning abilities (in areas other than just language). 
  • Elderly people who speak more than one language tend to remain sharper, more intact mentally, and experience less psychological decline with old age. 
  • Multilingual people tend to be more perceptive. 

Help Preserve Indigenous Languages 

The Endangered Language Alliance is an organization dedicated to preserving indigenous languages from all over the world. When the last remaining member of a tribe dies, the language ceases to exist. This is why the study of language is so important, and record-keeping is essential to understanding. 

Have you ever thought of joining a “Free language exchange community” like a polyglot club? It’s a wonderful way to make new friends from all around the world! 

Spartan and the Green Egg and Full Cycle Publications encourage world travel, literacy, intellectual curiosity, and exploration. For more information on traveling the world and reading about foreign and exotic places, check out Full Cycle Publications’ Spartan and the Green Egg series of exciting books at the website.

For more information on the topics mentioned in this blog, consult the websites listed below:


The Joy Of Living: A How-To

“Joie de vivre” or “The joy of living” is a lifestyle, a devil-may-care attitude, a “C’est la vie” boldness. If we’re not lucky enough to have been born with this sort of mentality, how do we adopt it (even in the most stressful of circumstances)? 

“Joie de vivre” is a French phrase that describes an enjoyment of life, exuberance, and a cheerful outlook. 

“He radiates a vitalizing energy, the zest, and gaiety of an inexhaustible joie de vivre.”

– Robert Kuttner

Practice Gratitude for Simply Being Alive

  • There are so many joys that many of us take for granted but, with a joie de vivre attitude, we can relish in creature comforts. Savor a meal, enjoy a good bottle of wine, revel in conversation, make time for a little cat nap, and sink deep down into a hot bathtub filled with bubbles. 
  • What does it mean to truly enjoy life? To enjoy being alive is to take the good with the bad, to have a certain optimism, to be curious, to take chances. 
  • Take everything in stride. Try to live life one day at a time (this is definitely easier said than done; it’s a lifelong practice and doesn’t happen overnight). 
(Joie de Vivre by Pablo Picasso, 1946)
  • Lose the cynicism. Sure, we all love to be a little snide at times but don’t look down on the happy, smiling couple just because you’re having a bad day: know that things can and usually will always get better.
  • Accept that there are things you cannot change and that progress takes time. Life is ever-changing and we are always evolving. Do not let yourself get in the way of important growth but, instead, let it happen. Open yourself up to new ideas and (occasionally) let down your guard and actually consider that certain bit of advice you ask for but rarely take.

Look to the Poets, Writers, and Artists 

In order to understand the intimate language of life, our emotions, and all those inexpressible, indefinable feelings and desires, we look to the great artists for guidance. Without poetry, literature, and art, it would be extremely difficult to connect with certain aspects of the world and we would feel shut off from other people, time periods, and experiences. 

  •  Émile Zola’s 1884 novel La Joie de Vivre (The Joys of Living/Joy of Life/How Jolly Life Is) was supposedly a favorite of Vincent van Gogh’s and is even depicted in his 1888 still life Vase with Oleanders and Books.
  • Dostoevsky wrote of life and loving it despite logic: 


“I have a longing for life, and I go on living in spite of logic. Though I may not believe in the order of the universe, yet I love the sticky little leaves in spring. I love the blue sky.” –Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (1880)


  • If you simply cannot think of life as an exultation, as a joyous thing, fake it till you make it! An optimist always has more fun than a pessimist.



“To me the sea is a continual miracle.” –Walt Whitman

(Photography by Bert Stern)

There’s nothing more beautiful, mysterious, or healing than the sea: we rely on it for food, salt, its ever-expanding discoveries. We immediately conjure romantic images of long walks on the beach, of Poseidon wielding his mighty triton, and of Homer describing the sea as “wine-dark” in “The Odyssey.” The sea is filled with secrets and is one of Mother Nature’s finest, most vast creations. Why else would Nabila K Cosmetics have fragrances (candles and diffusers) and apparel devoted to the ocean and its breathtaking storms? 

Ocean Tempest (candles and diffusers) combines sweet floral, musky scents (with rose, honeysuckle, and amber) and, most of all, hints of divine driftwood and irresistible salty marine air. You’ll be transported to a sandy shore, aboard a yacht with the ocean breeze blowing through your hair, basking in the sun, and bathing in the sea. 

(Grace Kelly in Jamaica by Howell Conant, 1955) 

“I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me. I have seen them riding seaward on the waves combing the white hair of the waves blown back when the wind blows the water white and black. We have lingered in the chambers of the sea by sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown till human voices wake us, and we drown.” -T.S. Eliot

One of the best things one can do for themselves (and it’s a brand new year) is a little self-care, detox from all the Holiday festivities and last year’s troubles. Give yourself a “seatox”! Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it. The ocean has so much to offer for the sake of beauty and health. Go ahead, run a bath (filled with salts: the more, the better), light an Ocean Tempest candle, and add these elements into the mix as well:

  • Salt: Sit and soak in a salt-filled tub until your fingertips prune and feel yourself heal. Your muscles will relax and any small cuts or abrasions will vanish. There’s no better medicine than salt from the Dead Sea.  Don’t forget to lather up with Nabila K Cosmetics’ “White Horses” glycerin soap. There’s nothing quite as free or poetic as wild, untamed horses running along the beach.
  • Seaweed (or kelp) has become a culinary treat for its health benefits. Did you know that it offers a significant amount of iodine and is important for a well-balanced diet? What are you waiting for…? Have a seaweed salad!
  • Algae is fantastic for skin care. Used as a facial mask, it tones, evens, and hydrates your most sensitive skin. Did you know that it’s even been proven to minimize the appearance of cellulite? 
  • Green caviar or “sea grapes” are really not caviar at all but seaweed! These pearls are wonderful for the skin because they hydrate like none other. 
  • Mud: a mud bath at the Dead Sea is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Because it is filled with minerals (the richest on Earth), it is healing, soothing, and revitalizing. You can find masks and complete body scrubs made from Dead Sea mud online and take a trip without ever leaving the comfort of your home! 

For more information on all-natural ocean-inspired products from Nabila K Cosmetics (including the Ocean Tempest candles, diffusers, a luxurious cashmere, and modal-blend scarf, Dead Sea bath salts, and the White Horses glycerin soap), visit


Set Health Goals This New Year

Top Tips For Starting The New Year Healthy  

Going into a new year often comes with resolutions to better one’s life. In 2021, about 50 percent of these resolutions involved exercising more and eating right. At the end of 2018, one survey found that only four percent of people who made resolutions kept them all.

It seems harmless enough to make these resolutions even if they fail. The fact is, though, failing at anything impacts your mental health. Following some of the top tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions can improve your odds, though.

Be Specific When You Choose Your Goal

“I vow to lose weight this year” is too vague. It is a goal that has no teeth.

Instead, hold yourself accountable by setting specific but obtainable goals that you can follow all year. “I want to lose 24 pounds this year.” Twenty-four pounds is just two pounds a month. That is a very obtainable goal for someone who wants to drop some weight.

Pick goals you can measure so you know when you achieve them. If you want to walk every day, set a distance or number of steps and measure to make sure you get there. If you want to read more to help you relax, decide to read one book a month.

Find a Path to Your Goal

Your resolution will lose some punch if you are not sure how to accomplish it. “I will go to the gym six days a week.” It’s a great goal, but is it obtainable in your life? Can you carve out time in your day for the gym and still meet your other responsibilities, for example? Can you afford the price of the gym fee? How about getting to the gym? Do you have transportation?

If you want to take your New Year’s resolutions seriously, then think them through. Make sure you have the know-how and the resources to achieve that goal before you choose it.

Motivation Matters

It is one thing to say you want to get healthier in the new year, but do you mean it? Don’t pick a goal because you think it’s expected of you. Choose something that means something to you. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have a better shot of getting it done than if you just figure you should lose weight.

Make It Simple

The simpler, the better because the easier it is for you to do, the more likely you will keep it up all year. For instance, instead of promising to count calories, figure out other ways to improve your eating habits, like filling half your plate with vegetables or cutting out all processed sugar.

If you are new to exercise, going to the gym every day might be a bit much. Instead, plan to walk every evening or get a bike and ride around the neighborhood. Make choices that fit well with your lifestyle, and that will be easy for you to do.

Consider All Aspects of Health

Health is a broad concept. For some, being healthy means managing their weight and exercising. For others, it might mean doing things that benefit mental health, like meditating or staying off social media at night.

Sit down and think about what you want to improve or what will make you feel better. Don’t just go with what is trending. Pick something specific to your situation.

Don’t Set Yourself Up to Fail

If you end up with the exact same New Year’s resolution every year and fail, pick something new or take a different path to achieve your goal. If you want to lose weight, consider cutting out meat three days a week or giving up sweet drinks. Don’t choose something that you are pretty sure you will not be able to accomplish because you have not been able to before.

Make Family or Friend Resolutions

Everything is more accessible when you do it with someone else. Look for someone in your family or a friend who wants to achieve the same health goal as you and work together. You can keep each other accountable and motivated.

More than anything else, celebrate the little victories. If you made it one week keeping your resolution, pat yourself on the back. If you fail the next week, then remind yourself that you have proven you can do it.


Festive Fun Christmas Favourites

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” 

– Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

With the holidays upon us and the winter solstice on its way, there are so many things to do that are unique to this time of year. There are ways, believe it or not, that you can slow down and enjoy so that it doesn’t become the “Holidaze” or “Stressmas.” 

  • Enjoy nature in all its winter glory. With Daylight Savings Time, it gets dark so early so use this time to rise and greet the sun for a brisk morning walk or simply enjoy a hot cup of coffee outdoors. If it snows, it’s a wonderful time to be out in nature. Take advantage of the weather (hopefully a white Christmas) and, if possible, build a snowman with your family, make snow angels, go sledding and catch falling snowflakes on your tongue and eyelashes.
  • Get cozy, light candles, curl up by the fire and be festive! Try to surround yourself with winter scents from my Nabila K collection, such as candles in cedarwood or pine & fir fragrances. Oil diffusers are also a popular option and are available in these same woodsy aromas
  •  Reading a good book while wrapped in a fuzzy blanket is a snuggly, pleasant pastime, and don’t forget to share the fun. Do this at bedtime with the children in your life to help instill warm and loving connotations with reading.
  • Hot toddies are an absolute must for cold winter evenings. There’s nothing better than a hot drink spiked with your favorite libation to help unwind at the end of a long day. Just add a cinnamon stick, and you’re ready to relax in style.
  • Trim the tree! Putting up a Christmas tree can be stressful, but the whole point is to have fun and not to worry over the placement of every little ornament. Have a glass of wine, toss some tinsel on every branch while listening to old Christmas favorites, and, most importantly, include your family and friends. This way it’s a party and not a chore!
  • Write Christmas cards and, if you can, make the presents you give as personal as possible. Hand-written cards are so special and really make an impression so, if you have the time, send your
    (“Cookie” photo by MaaHoo Studio)

    loved ones a card to let them know you’re thinking of them. My Nabila K stationery comes in a wintry “Forest Experience” theme (along with others), complete with custom photography, blank note cards, and envelopes (perfect for a heartfelt holiday greeting). You can also customize your presents with my unique designer gift tags!

  • Listen to holiday music or sing Christmas carols. 
  • Bake something fun and delicious! Cookies in the shapes of trees, bells, snowmen, and Santas, festively decorated cakes, or freshly baked bread: everything’s welcome! Your kitchen will be filled with wonderful smells and this makes everything a bit more wholesome and enjoyable. Don’t forget that baked goods make wonderful presents as well.

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