Winter Holiday Pastimes and Traditions

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas with every Christmas card I write; may your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white.”

Winter Holiday Traditions 

There are so many festivities and traditions associated with Christmastime, some old and still in practice, while some have sort of gone out of fashion. As a big lover of Christmas and all the winter holidays, I enjoy all the merriments and celebrations. Why don’t you and your family try something new this season? 

Trimming the tree: most people—even non-Christians—put up some sort of tree for Christmas. It used to be tradition not to decorate the tree until Christmas Eve; this may seem a bit late for many of us, but it’s really a lovely idea to have a tree trimming party just before the official day of Noel, don’t you think? If you want to have an old-fashioned Christmas, try making your own ornaments using paper and fashion garlands out of popcorn and cranberries on string. Don’t forget to add dried fruit (especially orange slices) to your tree, and remember that it’s always charming and fun to cut down your own tree if you can. Before electric lights, people would actually place real candles on their Christmas tree branches. This is, of course, a fire hazard!

  • In the UK: Christmas crackers are a fun little offering that actually make a cracking sound when you open them! Good for stocking stuffers or holiday party favors, they make for the perfect little gift. Of course, in the UK, children refer to Santa Claus as “Father Christmas.”
  • In Iceland, children leave their shoes by the window in preparation for Christmas, hoping for candy and treats. If they’ve been naughty, they receive rotten potatoes! This is quite similar to the old adage that a badly behaved child will only get a lump of coal as a present.  

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” 

– Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”

  • Cozy touches: Watching a yule log burn and crackle on the fire, being kissed beneath the mistletoe, and caroling are all festive and merry ways to participate in the holiday season. 
  • Hanukkah is the Jewish winter holiday where the lighting of the menorah takes place and is celebrated for eight nights. 
  • Religious observance is, of course, very important. No matter what your religion, there are Christmas Eve services to attend, beautiful hymns to be sung, and, of course, it’s ideal to put charity into action.  Volunteering and donating to your favorite charities, local church, and food and clothing drives are really the best, most appropriate ways to celebrate the holidays. It’s a time, more than ever, for hospitality, compassion, love, and generosity.
  • Writing holiday cards is such a lovely gesture. This quaint act of kindness may mean more to someone than you know, and it’s much more charming than sending an email. 
  • Traditional foods and goodies are probably everyone’s favorite part of any holiday! Some of our beloved staples include a  plump Christmas goose, fig or plum pudding, homemade fudge, sugar cookies (in festive shapes) and milk for Santa Claus, marzipan fruit, ribbon candy, fruitcake, egg nog, minced meat pies, a Christmas Stollen, chestnuts, ham with pineapple, wassail, sugarplums, gingerbread men and, of course, a gingerbread house.
  • Stockings (always with an orange, apple, or candy cane inside): fresh fruit used to be a luxury for many people (and still is for some), and they could only get it at Christmas. An abundance of fruit at Christmas is just one of many sweet indulgences. 
  • A festival of lights: some neighborhoods go completely wild when decorating their homes; it’s always fun to go for a drive and check out the lights!
  • Secret Santa seems to pop up every year, whether it’s at work or among family and friends. This way, you only have to buy one gift. 
  • Keep an advent calendar counting down the days to Christmas!
  • A couple of surprises: did you know that it used to be, in some cultures, commonplace to tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve? It’s also tradition to appoint someone as the “Lord of Misrule” on Christmas Day! 

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!”

  • Classic movies, books, and songs will always define our culture. Try watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” or reading “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens this year. Sing “Jingle Bells,” “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas,” “White Christmas,” and “Silent Night.” If you and loved ones can gather ‘round while someone plays the piano, all toasty and warm by a roaring fire with cocktails and glistening snow outside your window, then you’ve just achieved the ideal mise-en-scène. 

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Clean Beauty for the Holiday Season 

Clean beauty is a trend that has been growing in popularity in the United States since the early 1990s. However, it is also a beauty trend that isn’t always entirely understood or embraced. The hazy definition of clean beauty products in the early years and the many products on the market today have led to some confusion. That is why it is important to have a clear idea of what clean beauty is to make the best use of clean beauty products this holiday season. Here is a short overview of the clean beauty movement and the clean beauty products available to help you achieve the look you want this holiday season without sacrificing your skin health. 

Image of Make up brushes over white background

What Skincare Ingredients Are Bad for Your Health?

The main reason some beauty products are frowned upon is they contain chemicals and other ingredients that can potentially be harmful to your skin or your general health. Some of those ingredients have been eliminated in the United States due to Food and Drug Administration regulations. Mercury compounds and bithionol are among those restricted materials. However, other potentially harsh or harmful materials are still allowed in traditional beauty products. Some of those less desirable beauty product components include:

  • Parabens
  • Oxybenzone
  • Hydroquinone
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

What is the Clean Beauty Movement?

The clean beauty movement is a movement away from traditional beauty products containing ingredients like those listed above. Over the last several decades, consumers and business owners alike have been steadily embracing healthier living habits. Many of those habits are more mainstream, such as sticking to regular exercise routines. Clean beauty, while lesser known in some circles, is equally important. It ensures that you can still maintain the same type of beauty regimen you always have while also maintaining your health. All you must do is make the important switch to using healthier beauty products. 

How Did Clean Beauty Start?

The start of the clean beauty movement in the United States can be traced back to the 1990s. Although, some companies produced healthier beauty products before that time. Most experts attribute the true birth of the clean beauty movement to Whole Food Markets. That company was one of the first to have a section devoted to healthy beauty products in its stores decades ago. Since then, many companies have begun producing clean beauty products. Some, like Nabila K, have dedicated themselves to healthy beauty product production since their earliest days in business.

Start Embracing Clean Beauty Products by Choosing a Clean Foundation

Image of Nabila K Foundation

A clean beauty routine is like any other beauty routine in the sense that it needs a good foundation. Foundation formulas like this one by Nabila K contain healthy ingredients without sacrificing function. In fact, water-based foundation formulas are ideal. Not only do they contain safe products for your skin, but they also help you hydrate it. Adding such a foundation formula to your daily skincare routine is a great way to start embracing clean beauty.

Sodium Hyaluronate Hydrates the Skin

Color correctors and concealers are types of cosmetic products you might use every day. They are designed to cover up and hide the blemishes you do not want the world to see. The best color correctors and concealers can hide everything from acne scarring to under-eye circles. That way, you can go out on the town with confidence in your appearance.

A good concealer can hide a lot of things, but one thing that should never be hidden is its ingredient list. Concealers produced with clean beauty in mind have ingredient lists the manufacturers can be proud to display. Those ingredients often have multiple skin benefits rather than just not being harmful. For instance, many color correctors and concealers, including those from Nabila K, contain sodium hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate is capable of penetrating deeper layers of the skin. It also attracts water molecules, which helps skin stay hydrated for a longer period. Sodium hyaluronate is also found in many other types of skincare products and cosmetics, such as:

  • Face Washes
  • Moisturizers
  • Toners
  • Body Lotions

Isododecane Also Offers Hydration Help

Another ingredient found in Nabila K concealers and many other products that provides hydration help is isododecane. Isododecane is an emollient. Emollients do not directly provide your skin with hydration. However, they do form barriers that keep moisture already in your skin from escaping. That is why using hydrating products along with emollient products is always a good idea. 

When you are looking to use clean beauty products this holiday season, emollients like isododecane are the types of ingredients your skin cannot do without. Locking in moisture is especially important during the holiday season because the holidays fall at the end of the year. That is a time when many regions have cold, dry weather. Emollients help to soothe rough, dry, damaged skin and restore it to its preferred soft, supple texture. 

Get Your Holiday Glow Back Using Glycerin

Nabila K products and other clean beauty products also often contain glycerin. Glycerin is a clear material usually derived from animal fat or plants. It is one of the powerhouses of clean beauty products because it is safe for all types of skin. Glycerin is a type of product known as a humectant. That means it can draw moisture from other areas. When you apply it to the outer layer of your skin, it brings moisture up from deeper layers and draws moisture in from the air around you. When you use products that contain it, you can keep your outer layer of skin well hydrated. Then you do not have to worry about losing your healthy glow over the holidays. 

The Best Way to Embrace Clean Beauty for the Holiday Season

The best way to embrace clean beauty this holiday season is to keep educating yourself about the products that are good and bad for your skin. Go through your bathroom cabinets and read ingredient labels. If you find products that are not meeting your clean beauty standards, throw them away. Trade them in for healthier options like those provided by Nabila K. 

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How to Select a Gift for Children in the Family  

Whether you are planning ahead for a holiday party with your family or getting ready for a birthday party, it can be challenging to purchase gifts for younger family members. While getting the right gift is difficult even if you are a parent, it becomes much harder if you are an extended family member. Some family members are reluctant to talk to the child’s parents to get advice for a gift. Do not feel ashamed to ask questions about what to buy. Parents often appreciate coordinating with other family members because it is a good way to ensure you do not both purchase the same item. Even if you do not want to outright ask for a specific purchase, you can at least get general advice on what to buy.

A picture containing canvas wrapped presents for the holidays!

Another consideration with children is how often their interests can change. While you should not wait until the last minute to make a purchase, you do not want to buy a gift months in advance. Children, especially younger ones, will often go through quick interest phases as they develop and learn more about the world. A fascination with dinosaurs or trains may only last a few weeks until it is replaced by something else. 

Reliable Gift Categories

Picture of FullCylcePublications' book Gus' Fortunate Misfortune.

Another option is buying movies. While this may seem like a go-to category, keep in mind that most parents also purchase movies for their children. Instead of picking something recent, consider a classic from your own childhood. Some of the top movies include films like Toy Story, Wizard of Oz, or the Muppet Movie. There are also classic Disney movies such as Lion King, Snow White, or Beauty and the Beast. 

Books are excellent gifts for children of all ages. Children’s books are not only great entertainment, but they also develop important skills and encourage children’s imaginations. Parents are as likely to appreciate a book gift as their children since it gives them a good opportunity to bond while reading the book to their child. More health experts are also encouraging children to read books because it provides a healthy alternative to digital devices, which are becoming more widespread among children.

Another benefit of buying books is they are often inexpensive. More children’s books also come in series, such as the Spartan and the Green Egg series. There are even additional gift packs based around the series for additional gift ideas, including pins, stickers, patches, and games.

Art is also a great category for children. This can include drawing books, coloring, and painting supplies. There are also products like Play-Doh or Slimy Sand.

Gift Longevity

When you are shopping for children’s gifts, keep longevity in mind. Not every gift needs to last several years, but both parents and children appreciate gifts with continual use. Gifts that can be shared are also appreciated. For example, Legos remain a popular gift because the sets can be rebuilt or combined with other Lego products. It is also a toy that can either be passed down or shared with other children. Because there is so much variety, there is also less of a chance of gifting the same set as another family member.

Think Outside the Box

Not all gifts require buying products. Children love to see and explore new places. For local trips, check to see what zoos, aquariums, planetariums, or museums are in your area. Many of these venues feature special events for children, which often include either free or discounted prices as well. This is an excellent way to bond with your family members, and many parents will appreciate having a few hours to themselves. If your family is comfortable with it, you can even arrange for a weekend trip.

National Geographic Geode Kit

National Geographic offers several different geode kits. The kits themselves operate in the same way, but the number of available geodes changes based on the size. The costs can range from $20 to $100, also based on the size of the kits. Each of the kits includes safety goggles, magnifying glass, a collection of geodes, and educational information about each one. The geodes must be cracked open to reveal the colorful gemstones underneath. Cracking the geodes is relatively easy, but adult supervision is still recommended. Geode kits are fun, interactive gifts that also encourage problem-solving and scientific learning.

Green Toy Bath Submarine and Tugboat

Many young children struggle with bath time, viewing it as a boring and unnecessary activity. An easy way to make bath time more exciting is by adding toys. While there are many bath toys to choose from, Green Toy is recommended for its exciting, high-quality toys. All Green Toys products are environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to clean. They also have practical purposes, such as doubling as a cup for washing hair. The toys are also reasonably priced, costing around $15 to $25 on average. Green Toy also has a variety of other toys available as well, including trucks, construction kits, shape sorters, and trains.


Stuffed animals are a great choice for young children. Even as they grow older, many children continue to cherish their favorite stuffed animals. Some even grow into adulthood, keeping their stuffed animals on display. The stuffed bear is a classic option, but Build-A-Bear has many unique options, allowing you to completely customize your bear. For example, you can base the bear on a specific franchise, such as Harry Potter. The cost varies depending on the bear you want, starting as low as $15 to $25, but going as high as $50 to $70.

A picture containing a red teddy bear in front of a Christmas tree.


Magna-Tiles are customizable, geometrically shaped building tiles. What makes Magna-Tiles so appealing is, due to the number of shapes and all the possible configurations, children can craft whatever sort of designs or structures they want. This gives Magna-Tiles greater longevity compared to other toys. The tiles also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving for a younger audience. They are also much easier to clean up after compared to similar building toys, something any parent will appreciate. The tile sets cost around $45 to $70.

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The Best Thanksgiving Looks for this Fall Season 

Apples, Leaves, Fall, Still Life, Basket

There are many occasions when you may want to look your best. Thanksgiving is one of them. When you and your loved ones are seated around the Thanksgiving dinner table, many eyes may be on you. It can be hard to settle on the perfect Thanksgiving look. After all, there are a lot of possible choices. Here are some tips and possible looks to pick.

Apply Some Foundation to Enhance Any Look

Foundation is the strong base on which any cosmetically enhanced look is built. If you do not use it, your whole makeup plan can fall apart. You can use foundation to even out your own skin tone by covering flaws. Another option is to use a foundation color that is different from your natural skin tone. Doing so lets you establish a lighter or darker base for your Thanksgiving look. Foundation comes in several forms, including:

  • Powder
  • Stick
  • Cream
  • Liquid

Many types of foundation are purely cosmetics. However, some also have properties that are good for your skin health. For example, water-based foundation helps to hydrate your skin. That hydration prevents it from peeling or cracking. It also helps your skin cells to maintain general health. Hydrated skin is better able to maintain elasticity and stay looking its best. 

Maintaining skin hydration can be hard around Thanksgiving due to changes in weather patterns in certain areas. It can also be difficult because you have a busy schedule when getting ready for holiday gatherings. You can easily forget to drink enough water or maintain your skincare routine. Applying a hydrating foundation can help you make up for those issues.

Add Some Concealer to Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

The next step in the process of achieving the perfect Thanksgiving look is putting on some concealer. Concealer is essential because it does the job of covering up any flaws in your complexion. Those can include 

blemishes and acne scars. You may also want to cover up dark circles under your eyes, especially if you have been too busy with Thanksgiving preparations to sleep properly.

A bottle of C85, Warm Tone concealer by Nabila K.

Picking the perfect concealer for Thanksgiving means understanding a few things about your skin and your other makeup. Keep a couple of different concealer tones handy because sun exposure can change your skin tone from day to day. When you are getting ready for Thanksgiving, consider your current skin tone. Then apply foundation and concealer tones that work well with it.

  1. Avoid Wasting Too Much Time on Your Lips 

An average person eats about 3,000 calories worth of food on Thanksgiving. It is nearly impossible to keep your lips looking their best while you are eating. Drawing attention to yourself while you are eating is also not ideal. Lipstick is still important at Thanksgiving, but it is better used as a side dish. It can act as an accent for the rest of your Thanksgiving look. You may even opt for a light lipstick shade to make it less noticeable when it needs reapplication.

Let Your Eye Shadow do the Talking 

A picture containing a model wearing eyeshadow in a dark room.

One of the most important parts of your Thanksgiving look is the eye shadow you pick. You will probably be talking with a lot of friends and family members during the holiday, and they are sure to make eye contact with you. Make a lasting impression with your eye makeup.

The look you choose for your eyes at Thanksgiving is up to you. Use your own personal preferences and the nature of the holiday to help you pick. For example, if you are invited to a formal Thanksgiving event, you may want to make a splash with some sparkly, glamorous eye shadow. A laid-back visit with your family may call for a more subdued look. You can also use the color palette of Thanksgiving itself for eye shadow inspiration. Some top options include various shades of:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Purple

Browns are also great eye shadow colors for Thanksgiving. In fact, applying brown eye shadow can give your eyes a smokey, sexy look. If you want to flirt your way through Thanksgiving dinner with your date, it is a perfect choice. Select three slightly different shades of brown for your crease, highlight, and lid colors to get the best results.

Add Some Eyeliner for Effect

Using eyeliner to create the classic “cat eye” look is always in style. However, the new trend of a softer “kitten eye” is taking the makeup world by storm in recent years. It requires a little less work, and it is also a little less bold. Yet, it can really bring out your eyes when your loved ones are staring across the Thanksgiving table at you as you each tell stories about how your years have gone.

Brush on the Blush

Blush is a great addition to any Thanksgiving look. Choose a traditional rosy cheek color or go bold with an orange tone in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. If neither of those work for you, try an option somewhere in the middle. Just do not avoid blush entirely or you will be missing out on an opportunity. Not only does it help highlight the eye makeup you choose, but nobody will know when you are blushing over embarrassing family stories.

Another great thing about blush is its versatility. The most common place to use it is on your cheeks but think outside the box. You can use a little on areas like your forehead or your nose, too. Subtle application in those areas can give your look a little something extra.

Make the Makeup Statement You Want to Make

Think of your makeup as an extension of your skin. Your skin is the part of yourself most on display to the rest of the world. Keep that in mind as you select your Thanksgiving makeup. Use it to make the statement you want to make about yourself. Perhaps you feel more subdued this Thanksgiving and want to apply neutral tones. On the other hand, you might prefer to make a bold color statement. There is no wrong answer. All you have to do is experiment with a few Thanksgivings looks until you find the one you love.

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Thanksgiving Can Affect Your Skin: Here’s How to Keep Your Glow… 

Holiday Table, Thanksgiving Table

According to an old saying, you are what you eat. That is why you might be concerned about Thanksgiving affecting your skin health. Your concern is certainly justified. Indulging in overeating on holidays does have an adverse effect on the skin. However, not all Thanksgiving foods are bad for you. Some can actually contribute in a positive way to your skin health. Here is what you need to know about protecting your skin while enjoying your favorite Thanksgiving foods. 

Set Yourself Up for Skincare Success

The best way to keep your skin healthy over Thanksgiving is to set yourself up for skincare success before you start eating anything at all. That means creating a good daily skincare routine and sticking to it, despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays. A good cleanser is the foundation of any skincare routine. The cleaner your skin is, the more likely it is to stay in good health.

A picture containing two differently sized bottles of Nabila K Collagen Milk Cleanser.

A second major component in any successful skincare routine is using at least one type of moisturizer. Hydrated skin is healthier skin. Hydrating your skin around Thanksgiving is particularly important if you live in an area with cool, dry November weather. Moisturizer can help you prevent or reverse some of the damage incurred by exposure to that weather. Once you have laid the foundation for skin health with a good daily skincare routine, you can start to examine the pros and cons of the foods you are going to eat at Thanksgiving.

Protein-Packed Thanksgiving Food Options

One of the best things you can do for your skin is eat foods that are high in protein. In fact, a protein called collagen is a major component of skin cells. When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and eat foods that are high in protein, you help replenish collagen supplies. Some of those foods include: 

  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Roast Beef
  • Ham

Vitamin-Rich Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Many vitamins are excellent for skin health. Two of the best are vitamin A and vitamin C. Both are found in sweet potatoes, which is a side dish that is on the rise as a Thanksgiving favorite in the United States. The other staple of almost any Thanksgiving gathering that is rich in vitamin A is pie. Specifically, squash and pumpkin pies contain high amounts of it and other helpful vitamins and minerals. Here are some more Thanksgiving foods packed with skin-strengthening vitamins:

  • Fruit Salad
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Apples
  • Collard Greens
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Green or Leafy Vegetables (Cabbage, Green Beans Etc.)

Antioxidants Found in the Spices of a Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving meal menus vary in homes, but there is one thing most homes have in common. Their Thanksgiving feasts usually contain foods full of spices. Many spices contain antioxidants. There are compounds known as free radicals that can destroy your skin cells. Antioxidants fight those free radicals off, much like soldiers defending a castle. They are special healthy molecules your skin needs to stay strong. 

Some antioxidants are found in foods already mentioned above, like pumpkins. Many are also found in the common spices used during a Thanksgiving feast. For example, the cinnamon you might add to an apple pie recipe is high in antioxidants. The same is true of the garlic or rosemary you might infuse into your Turkey. Many of those spices also have secondary health benefits besides the positive impact they can have on your skin. One is garlic, which is good for heart health. 

Spices, Jars, Herbs, Herbs And Spices on a rustic wooden table.

A Thanksgiving Superfood

Foods that have many healthy qualities are often called superfoods. Cranberries are among those. They are rich in antioxidants and contain high amounts of multiple vitamins. Those vitamins include vitamin C and vitamin E. Cranberries are skin-strengthening superfoods because they are excellent at moisturizing and tightening the skin. Studies have also indicated that consuming cranberries or using products that contain them can help to limit acne outbreaks and other unhealthy skin conditions. 

Cranberries are also known as general superfoods because they provide more than just skin benefits. When you enjoy cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, you might be helping to protect your heart and reduce your cancer risks. Cranberries are also known for reducing urinary tract infection risks and lowering the risks of developing cavities. However, they start to lose some of their superfood nature when unhealthy sugars are added to them. Be aware of that when you choose what type of cranberries to eat on Thanksgiving. 

Put Down the Mashed Potatoes

If you want to maintain healthy skin during Thanksgiving, avoid mashed potatoes. They are far too high in skin-damaging carbohydrates. Instead, reach for some sweet potatoes. They are much better for your skin. Just avoid heaping them high with brown sugar for marshmallows. 

Say “Bye” to Pecan Pie

Maintaining skin health over Thanksgiving does require a little bit of willpower. Many foods that are part of an average Thanksgiving feast are safe to eat, but pecan pie is not one of them. It is so high in sugar that a single slice can provide you with more than half of your daily allotment. That sugar can contribute to acne outbreaks and may lead to the development of premature wrinkles over time. Reach for pumpkin, squash, or apple pie instead.

Swap the Eggnog for Some Apple Cider with Cinnamon

A picture containing warm apple cider on a table with candles and spices.

Even though eggs are good for your skin, eggnog is not. It has a high-fat content. The calorie count of eggnog is also quite high. However, one of the biggest problems with eggnog is that it contains a lot of hormones. The introduction of those hormones can lead to oily skin and acne outbreaks. A mug of apple cider is a much healthier choice in general and for your skin, specifically.

Don’t Let Fatty Additions Destroy Your Thanksgiving Skincare Success

If you follow the tips above, you can maintain healthy skin and better general health throughout the holiday season. That is if you avoid one final trap. Do not let fatty additions to your Thanksgiving feast derail your skincare plans. The two biggest culprits are butter and gravy. It may be hard to avoid them entirely but be conscious of how much you consume. By monitoring how much of each you eat, you can avoid going overboard this Thanksgiving. 

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How to Wow for Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. It is a time when families gather to be together. However, it can also be a bit stressful. Preparing for the holiday can take a mental toll. You want to look your best for your family and friends. Achieving a look that wows everyone around you is made that much harder around Thanksgiving by the time of year, at least in certain areas. If you live in a climate where the weather gets cooler and dryer around Thanksgiving, it can damage your skin. Here are some ways to protect your skin this holiday season and really wow for Thanksgiving. 

Image of a cornucopia featuring a large orange pumpkin.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Protected from the Elements

If you want to maintain healthy skin, it is important to keep it hydrated. At Thanksgiving, that can be challenging because you may have a busy schedule of preparing for the holiday. You also must deal with changes in weather if you live in a colder area. You can keep your entire body better hydrated by drinking plenty of water, but there are also specific things you can do to help your skin stay hydrated. Here are some top options, according to the world-Renowned Mayo Clinic

  • Wear Gloves to Protect Your Hands Outside
  • Hook Up a Humidifier in Your Home
  • Do Not Expose Your Skin to Hot Water
  • Use Moisturizer, and Avoid Alcohol-Based Skincare Products

Replace Unhealthy Habits with Healthy Ones

One of the best ways to keep your skin looking its best this Thanksgiving is to avoid unhealthy habits. Your skin condition is sure to improve when you cut back on habits like cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating fatty foods. Instead, fill your time with healthier habits. Take up a sport or find a fun new hobby. 

Exercise is the Best Habit for Skin Health

The weather may cool down around Thanksgiving but take the opportunity to heat up your exercise routine. Thanksgiving is one of the times of year when exercising more is always better. That way, you can prepare ahead for the delicious spread you are about to enjoy with loved ones. When you have an established exercise regimen, you can burn off the calories from your Thanksgiving feast easier and faster than someone leading a sedentary lifestyle can. At the same time, exercising is fantastic for your skin. It provides the healthy glow you need to pull ofF your ideal Thanksgiving look.

Know What to Eat

Thanksgiving can be a time of overindulgence, especially when it comes to eating. Even in the weeks leading up to the holiday, you may have parties to go to where delicious foods are all around you. It is important for your skin health to keep careful tabs on the foods you eat. However, you can still indulge in a lot of Thanksgiving food favorites. Here are some Thanksgiving foods that can be good for your skin: 

  • Brussels sprouts are packed with skin-strengthening vitamins.
  • The protein in turkey can help your skin cells regenerate faster.
  • Antioxidant-rich pumpkin can protect your skin from free radicals. 
  • Cranberries are known for reducing inflammation. 
  • Many nuts, including walnuts and pecans, can help you reduce the chances of developing wrinkles. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your skin never looks its best when you are exhausted. Thanksgiving and the surrounding time can be difficult because you have so much to do, but don’t let a busy schedule keep you from getting some solid sleep. The general recommendation is to get eight hours of sleep a night, but even if you can consistently squeeze in six, your skin will be healthier. You will also find that your concentration levels and energy levels are higher. Then you can get through Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season with more alertness and enthusiasm.

Let Go of Stress

One of the biggest enemies your skin has is stress. Stress is like an invader that attacks it from several different fronts. A major problem is stress hormones are released, which can lead to acne and other skin problems developing. Stress can also cause your immune system to go out of whack. That can lead to the development of hives or rashes. 

Another side effect of stress is it changes your behavior in ways that can damage your skin. For example, if you are too stressed out preparing for Thanksgiving, you might forget to do parts of your daily skincare routine. Make sure you make that routine a priority as Thanksgiving approaches. Also, find ways to reduce your stress levels. You might need to ask loved ones to help you prepare for the holidays to take some stress off your shoulders. It could also help to find time to indulge in your favorite hobbies in between your holiday preparations.

Tailor Your Makeup to Thanksgiving

A picture containing the Nabila K Brow Wow product.

Thanksgiving is a time for gatherings. You may be hosting one or invited to one or more Thanksgiving celebrations. In either case, you want to make an impression that wows everyone. That is why selecting a great Thanksgiving look might feel like the most stressful part of the holiday for you. 

A great way to wow friends and family is to choose makeup that highlights your natural beauty. You can begin with your brows. Nabila K Brow Wow can help. If you have a medium or dark complexion, it is an excellent eyebrow palette to choose. Nabila K also offers several eyebrow pencils, including this one. When trying to find a Thanksgiving look you love, you can even get inspiration from the tones of the season. Burgundy, orange, and other leafy fall colors can help you get in the Thanksgiving spirit. 

Consider Your Personality, Too

If you want to know how to wow everyone else with your Thanksgiving look, start by wowing yourself. The best way to do that is to consider your personality when choosing your Thanksgiving makeup. Most classic Thanksgiving makeup tutorials will tell you to go for warm tones, but cool tones can make a splash around the Thanksgiving dinner table, too. You might also want a more glamorous Thanksgiving glow. Once you decide on the look you are trying to achieve, finding the right makeup to do the job becomes much easier. 

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I read a staggering statistic this week. 20% of the children (ages 2-19) in the United States are clinically obese. That’s over 14 million children and teens! As I dug deeper to discover what was causing this alarming trend (one also experienced in other countries), I saw a common thread: insufficient exercise and poor diet choices. The solution seems so obvious; eat better, move more. This article focuses on fun ways to engage the whole family in physically activity.

A family holding the hand of a toddler, working on physical fitness together.

Vacations Make Great Starting Points

Teen girl with backpack on a hike.

Many families are hitting the roads and the airways to go on vacation. If yours is one of them, take the opportunity to encourage physical activities enshrouded in fun: For example, participate in a family bike ride, a manageable hike disguised as a scavenger hunt, or a lively game of beach volleyball. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Choose to explore new locations on foot rather than by car; who knows what exciting discoveries you might stumble upon?

Family Sports Weekends

While not a regular occurrence, it can be fun to plan and then host a family sports weekend. Enjoy a family game of kickball, football, dodgeball, or other sport your family enjoys. If a bowling alley is nearby, why not have a family bowling team?

Dance in the Kitchen

If you play music in the kitchen while fixing dinner, why not incorporate some “smooth moves” while you are cooking? Kids think this is hilarious…and most times, they join in. Make sure it lasts at least the length of a song, and then encourage them to assist you in fixing the meal. If there’s the chance of seeing Mom or Dad dance badly again, they’ll stick around. 

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Workout with Your Family

If your children regularly see you exercising, they are more likely to consider it part of a daily routine…just like combing your hair or brushing your teeth. You must model the behavior for it to take effect. This “practice what you preach” model is the key to everything. Invite your children, either all together, or one on one, to accompany you on your walk or jog. Ask them to Zumba with you (they’ll LOVE it!). Better still, have your kids show you how to become involved in Just Dance on their PlayStation or Xbox 360. 

Sweaty Saturdays

Have the family do something active on the weekend, such as participating in a local community clean-up, volunteering for a charity, or even working in the yard (or, better yet, that of a surprised neighbor). Exercising comes in many forms and doesn’t have to mean visits to the gym, only.

Outdoor Clubs

Small boy holding a fencing foil.

Consider joining organizations or clubs whose focus is an outdoor activity. For example, if you live near a lot of waterways, how fun would it be to go kayaking a few times a month? Or maybe you have an active rock-climbing group, hiking group, horseback riding club, or fencing association (epees, not the barrier you put up between you and the nosy neighbors). 

No Shortage of Options

Opportunities to engage the family in more physically actives are limitless. Maybe you’d all like to learn to dance? The local recreation center might be able to accommodate you. Like to swim? There’s usually a public swimming pool nearby that you can take advantage of. Or snap a leash on the dog and walk to a nearby park. After all, pup is a member of the family and needs exercise too!

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What (or who) are you dressing up as this Halloween? A spooky siren or sexy seductress? Halloween is one excuse we have as adults to put on a costume: for us glamour girls, it’s a night of outrageous beauty. Try Nabila K’s new line of clean, all-natural makeup to transform into Morticia Addams or Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! 

It’s easier than you think to achieve gorgeous gothic glamour this spooky season! If you’re not into costume makeup and dressing up full tilt but still want to celebrate Halloween with a sexy, mysterious beauty look, look no further than Nabila K’s line of organic cosmetics. 

Get Sexy for the Spooky Season

Of course, when we think of Halloween glamour ghouls, our favorites spring to mind, such as…

Morticia Addams (from “The Addams Family”)—complete with a skin-tight slinky black dress, luxurious, long shiny raven hair, red fingernails like talons, pale skin, and blood-red lips. We love that Morticia dances the tango, cuts the heads off long-stemmed roses, and only has eyes for Gomez. Based on the Charles Addams’ cartoon, Morticia has been brought to life by both Carolyn Jones and our favorite, Anjelica Huston. After you’ve got the makeup right, you’ll have to master her infamous wiggle (she takes tiny steps as she can barely walk in her long tight dress). Of course, you’ll need some black stilettos and matching hosiery (preferably with seams). 

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson), is the quirky sexpot, campy horror movie host, and aspiring Vega showgirl all in one. This look has all the Morticia staples but with a bit of a twist (think bigger hair, lots of punk eyeliner, leopard accessories, a push-up bra, and black nails rather than red). She’s the queen of double entendres, so don’t forget your cheeky sense of humor and a can of aerosol hairspray! A well-placed temporary tattoo will take your costume to a whole new level!

Vampira, a sort of spin-off of Morticia Addams, is a vampire with a teeny tiny waist, red talons, and enviably high-arched eyebrows. Known for greeting people with a scream (à la the Bride of Frankenstein), channel your inner Maila Nurmi with a bit of mystery (and you can forego dusting away cobwebs for atmosphere). 

Lily Munster—made infamous on “The Munsters” by legendary beauty Yvonne De Carlo—is one of our favorite TV characters (and was really too hot for Herman). Take a cue from Lily and use lots of eye shadow (sweep up your eyebrows), paint a cat eye, and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, accessorize with a fun Halloween pendant around your neck and draw on a widow’s peak!

These intense sexy looks are achieved with very fair powder, dark, heavily made-up eyes (now is the time to get your false eyelashes ready), bright red lipstick, dramatic eyebrows, blusher for your cheeks, and, of course, a black wig. 

Nabila K Cosmetics You’ll Need to Transform into a Halloween Heartbreaker

Vixen lipstick: Nabila K’s lipsticks are ultra-pigmented, long-lasting, and all of the products are clean and organic! So, go ahead and pile it on! Now is not the time for subtlety. There’s nothing sexier than blood -red lips to truly turn you into a vixen. Va-va voom! If you want to add a bit of blush to your pallor, rub just a bit of lipstick onto your cheeks!

  • Lip Pencil in “Brick”: You’ll want your lipstick to last and last (throughout all of Hallow’s Eve), so you’ll need to prime your pout with a good liner. This way, you won’t have to worry about feathering. 
  • Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Ultra Black: You can literally achieve any look with this eyeliner, be it punky, sexy, or harkening back to classic Cleopatra. All of our inspirational women rely heavily on a good cat eye (Elvira’s being the most outrageous). This eyeliner won’t budge and is perfect for adding the finishing touch: a black beauty mark. 

Silver Linings Eye Shadow palette: this collection of dark shadows is a dream come true for any gothic beauty this Halloween. If you want to emulate Morticia, you’ll need silver eye shadow (don’t be afraid to bring it all the way up, just beneath your eyebrow). Start with silver just above your eye, and then make it smoky in the crease with the charcoal hue. Bring it back a notch with silver to diffuse the effect and finish the look. To achieve fair skin, you’ll need some white powder (it is Halloween, after all) and, for a bit of contouring and highlighter, utilize the well of ivory shadow (on your nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead) to create a pallor worthy of any vampire!

  • Brow Fixx in Brunette: Try the darkest shade possible for statement eyebrows!
  • Brow Liner Pencil in Brunette: Don’t be shy! Cover your actual eyebrows with powder and draw on a high, dramatic eyebrow or simply color in your own to make them darker and more intense.
  • False Eyelashes (Feather and Nefertiti): now is the time to really have fun and play with your appearance! Try makeup products you may not normally use. Go all out with Nabila K’s false lashes and no one will be able to resist your dark, sultry stare.

(Beauty product images featured above include “Vixen” lipstick, “Silver Linings” eye shadow palette, and “Nefertiti” eyelashes.)

To find out more about these products, click the links within the text and listed below. 

Don’t forget to visit Nabila K on the web!

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With fall quickly approaching and the promise of cooler weather, we can all get excited about scarf and chic jacket season. Turning off our phones and screens is essential to enjoying our surroundings, unencumbered by distractions. Instead of scrolling through Instagram and texting, take some time to put away your smartphone and go for a stroll.

  • Go for a walk Thoreau style. “The walking of which I speak has nothing in it akin to taking exercise, as it is called, as the sick take medicine at stated hours…but is itself the enterprise and adventure of the day.” –Henry David Thoreau 

Even if you can only get outdoors for a few minutes on your lunch break (although a lot of us are working differently since Covid: for some it’s better and more freeing and, for others, it consists of sitting in front of your laptop all day), go out and get some fresh air. If you’re chained to a desk all day looking at a screen for work, take time out to look in nature and relax your eyes. Enough with squinting! 

Of course, Thoreau’s style of walking (from his aptly titular essay) is a singular activity by a man who lives reclusively in the woods. For Thoreau, nature was his religion, so to speak. Walking was, to him, almost a sacred act of self-discovery and realization.

  • Observe nature in all its forms and make notes of the changing seasons. Pick, preserve and press flowers and plants in a notebook or “herbarium.” Fall is the time for magnificent foliage, so become a leaf peeper! There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves turn to incredible hues of gold, crimson, and russet before falling to the ground. Collect your favorite leaves (this is especially enjoyable if you have small children: take your kids for a walk and explain to them about the changing seasons, etc.). 
  • Read! Look through your home library or go to your local library and get lost in the stacks. Go to a small rare and used bookstore, and if you’re going to buy something, you’ll feel good knowing you’re shopping small and locally. 
  • Keep a notebook handy. Make To-Do lists on actual paper rather than your Notes App (although be warned, paper is lost a lot more easily than your iPhone!). Write little poems or haikus, doodle, sketch, and, if you’re really into making art, get some watercolor paper and paints. 
  • Look through old photos. Maybe you (or your mother or grandmother) kept a scrapbook from when you were younger. Look in the back of your closet; you’ll quickly realize that the objects you find probably don’t have a lot of monetary value but are flooded with sentiment and memories. This is also a great excuse for a bit of de-cluttering. Use this unearthing of memories as inspiration to make a new scrapbook or family album!
  • Become a thrifter. Not only is it great fun to browse antique and vintage thrift shops, but it’s always a good practice not to succumb to fast fashion. 
  • Use a Polaroid. Even though this sort of camera may seem outmoded, there’s a lot to be enjoyed, even if it’s just for novelty’s sake. It’s a different sort of instant gratification; this way, your photos aren’t on the phone but are keepsakes.
  • Go for a drive. There’s nothing like an open road and scenic drive to help you relax. In every old movie, there’s a disgruntled boyfriend or husband who has to “take a drive” to think.
  • Go to a museum or art opening and make conversation. A lot of people would rather text than actually talk and connect face to face. Let’s get rid of that impulse, go out to a club, mingle, and meet new people. This is especially important for Millennials and Zoomers!
  • Exercise!  Whether you’re into cardio at the gym with music blaring through your earbuds or getting quiet at home on your mat, exercise is an integral part of most people’s day. Michelle Obama gets up as early as 4:30 AM to work out because she simply isn’t herself without it, and even the most devoted to the phone put it away and don’t scroll while at the gym.
  • If you’re not into a lot of exercise but want to get more active, yoga is about having an experience with your body, is very Zen and also great for aches and pains. It’s about breathing, getting centered, and relaxing. Give it a try for fifteen minutes a day and see what happens.

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“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

-William Shakespeare

With the end of summer getting closer, it’s high time to make the most of these long days and especially romantic nights. If you’re looking to spice up your love life, take some inspiration from favorite classic movies and reap the best summer has to offer. Sometimes all one needs is a little push in the right direction, a bit of encouragement and…voila! Finding love and keeping it doesn’t have to be as elusive as it sounds.

For couples 

“Summer nights” sung by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in “Grease” sums up the fun, flirty feeling of love and is bound to bring back memories of carefree youth. 

  • Cook together and have a candlelit dinner! Pick wildflowers that are abundant this time of year and decorate the table as it’s a special occasion. It’s always a good idea to put in effort; don’t become jaded just because you’ve been with your significant other for a long time.
  • Cocktail hour with all the fixings (shaker, decanter, fancy glasses, cherry, and lime or lemon garnishes) is a wonderful way to make any evening a little more special and relaxed. If this is too much preparation, simply enjoy a chilled bottle of rosé.
  • Swimming with someone you love is always fun; make sure to actually play in the water (just swimming laps across the pool doesn’t count). 
  • Do something you haven’t done before and make sure to do it as a team. For instance, take a trip and go somewhere new and exotic. Traveling together is a test for any relationship and can really gauge how compatible you are. 
  • Go to the beach (it’s even more romantic during the off-season)! Long walks on the beach in the surf may sound like typical corny romantic fodder but are, in reality, incredibly enjoyable. 
  • Watch the sunset or, even better, see the sun rise after staying up all night. 
  • Write each other love letters! This is so much better (and more thoughtful) than texting.
  • Priscilla Presley recently reminisced about how she and Elvis stayed attractive for each other; they made a conscious effort to dress up.
  • Pitch a tent and go camping (just the two of you); roast marshmallows and hotdogs beside a roaring fire.
  • Plan a date night. If you have kids, get a babysitter!

For those looking for love

Summer is ideal for having a fling. Many are looking to join the dating scene again since Covid, and finding a romance can be difficult, especially if you haven’t been incredibly social for over two years. The number one thing to remember is to have fun and not take mingling too seriously. There’s so much to do before Labor Day during the hot summer months (and well into September). Remember to engage in activities that don’t cost a lot of money and are practical for everyone.

  • Carnivals are beyond enchanting and will bring out the teenager in just about anyone. Think of the scene in “East of Eden” when James Dean and Julie Harris kiss on the Ferris wheel. What could be more charming? Fairgrounds are rife with amusement and ideal for a rendezvous. Try playing games and winning a stuffed plush toy for your date. Enjoy the rides and share candy floss, ice cream, or a snow cone.
  • One of the essential sexy films of the summer (or any time) is “Body Heat”: watch Kathleen Turner and William Hurt begin an affair during the steamy Florida summer where cool breezes are elusive, and femme fatales are on the prowl.
  • “The Long Hot Summer” with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is trending right now and will make anyone long for the sticky Southern heat! On that note, catch the new documentary, “The Last Movie Stars” on HBO. 
  • Go to a drive-in or an outdoor movie.
  • There’s nothing dreamier than a picnic by a lake (or in any bucolic setting).


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