Hard-Case-Cover-Flat-HZ_PreviewSpartan & Spartan & The Green Egg: Adventure at Wadi Allaqi

The adventures through the Universe continue with the spaceship called ‘Egg’, Spartan, his three friends, and his dog, Grimm.

In Book 3, Adventure at Wadi Allaqi, the spirited, young friends travel to the Sahara Desert in the Red Hills of Egypt. They arrive in the scorching heat equipped with supplies to survive the harsh desert conditions.
Unexpected, helpful input from their extraterrestrial friend is welcomed with enthusiasm. Desert life cools down a bit when Egg transforms into a flying carpet and whisks Spartan and friends away on an unforgettable ride.

The adventurers meet a nomadic tribe of Bedouins on their way to a village in Wadi Allaqi. They befriend tribal siblings, Kamal and Samiha, and discover an urgent need for water in the area. With Egg’s help, they learn more about the desert eco-system, but will Spartan and friends find a solution to the water shortage for the arid community?


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