What (or who) are you dressing up as this Halloween? A spooky siren or sexy seductress? Halloween is one excuse we have as adults to put on a costume: for us glamour girls, it’s a night of outrageous beauty. Try Nabila K’s new line of clean, all-natural makeup to transform into Morticia Addams or Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! 

It’s easier than you think to achieve gorgeous gothic glamour this spooky season! If you’re not into costume makeup and dressing up full tilt but still want to celebrate Halloween with a sexy, mysterious beauty look, look no further than Nabila K’s line of organic cosmetics. 

Get Sexy for the Spooky Season

Of course, when we think of Halloween glamour ghouls, our favorites spring to mind, such as…

Morticia Addams (from “The Addams Family”)—complete with a skin-tight slinky black dress, luxurious, long shiny raven hair, red fingernails like talons, pale skin, and blood-red lips. We love that Morticia dances the tango, cuts the heads off long-stemmed roses, and only has eyes for Gomez. Based on the Charles Addams’ cartoon, Morticia has been brought to life by both Carolyn Jones and our favorite, Anjelica Huston. After you’ve got the makeup right, you’ll have to master her infamous wiggle (she takes tiny steps as she can barely walk in her long tight dress). Of course, you’ll need some black stilettos and matching hosiery (preferably with seams). 

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson), is the quirky sexpot, campy horror movie host, and aspiring Vega showgirl all in one. This look has all the Morticia staples but with a bit of a twist (think bigger hair, lots of punk eyeliner, leopard accessories, a push-up bra, and black nails rather than red). She’s the queen of double entendres, so don’t forget your cheeky sense of humor and a can of aerosol hairspray! A well-placed temporary tattoo will take your costume to a whole new level!

Vampira, a sort of spin-off of Morticia Addams, is a vampire with a teeny tiny waist, red talons, and enviably high-arched eyebrows. Known for greeting people with a scream (à la the Bride of Frankenstein), channel your inner Maila Nurmi with a bit of mystery (and you can forego dusting away cobwebs for atmosphere). 

Lily Munster—made infamous on “The Munsters” by legendary beauty Yvonne De Carlo—is one of our favorite TV characters (and was really too hot for Herman). Take a cue from Lily and use lots of eye shadow (sweep up your eyebrows), paint a cat eye, and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, accessorize with a fun Halloween pendant around your neck and draw on a widow’s peak!

These intense sexy looks are achieved with very fair powder, dark, heavily made-up eyes (now is the time to get your false eyelashes ready), bright red lipstick, dramatic eyebrows, blusher for your cheeks, and, of course, a black wig. 

Nabila K Cosmetics You’ll Need to Transform into a Halloween Heartbreaker

Vixen lipstick: Nabila K’s lipsticks are ultra-pigmented, long-lasting, and all of the products are clean and organic! So, go ahead and pile it on! Now is not the time for subtlety. There’s nothing sexier than blood -red lips to truly turn you into a vixen. Va-va voom! If you want to add a bit of blush to your pallor, rub just a bit of lipstick onto your cheeks!

  • Lip Pencil in “Brick”: You’ll want your lipstick to last and last (throughout all of Hallow’s Eve), so you’ll need to prime your pout with a good liner. This way, you won’t have to worry about feathering. 
  • Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Ultra Black: You can literally achieve any look with this eyeliner, be it punky, sexy, or harkening back to classic Cleopatra. All of our inspirational women rely heavily on a good cat eye (Elvira’s being the most outrageous). This eyeliner won’t budge and is perfect for adding the finishing touch: a black beauty mark. 

Silver Linings Eye Shadow palette: this collection of dark shadows is a dream come true for any gothic beauty this Halloween. If you want to emulate Morticia, you’ll need silver eye shadow (don’t be afraid to bring it all the way up, just beneath your eyebrow). Start with silver just above your eye, and then make it smoky in the crease with the charcoal hue. Bring it back a notch with silver to diffuse the effect and finish the look. To achieve fair skin, you’ll need some white powder (it is Halloween, after all) and, for a bit of contouring and highlighter, utilize the well of ivory shadow (on your nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead) to create a pallor worthy of any vampire!

  • Brow Fixx in Brunette: Try the darkest shade possible for statement eyebrows!
  • Brow Liner Pencil in Brunette: Don’t be shy! Cover your actual eyebrows with powder and draw on a high, dramatic eyebrow or simply color in your own to make them darker and more intense.
  • False Eyelashes (Feather and Nefertiti): now is the time to really have fun and play with your appearance! Try makeup products you may not normally use. Go all out with Nabila K’s false lashes and no one will be able to resist your dark, sultry stare.

(Beauty product images featured above include “Vixen” lipstick, “Silver Linings” eye shadow palette, and “Nefertiti” eyelashes.)

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